Life as Ryan Gosling Ain't Easy

In a deleted scene from The Meltdown, Jon Daly channels Ryan Gosling in order to discuss the actor's shortcomings, his artistic inspiration and his hometown.

From The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail

Key & Peele: What is a Vagina?

Damn, check that shit out. I don't even know what I am seeing.

A guy teaches his friend a very important anatomy lesson.

From Key & Peele

John Oliver: Gender Wage Gap

John Oliver explores America's wage gap between men and women and proposes a possible solution.

Note: Solution proposed is 100% sarcastic.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Steve-O's Awesome Nut Kicks

So many crazy dudes have asked me to kick them in the nuts on my Australia/New Zealand comedy tour, I went ahead and took it to a whole new level.

From Steve-O

Finger Impressions

After the staff BEGGED Jim, he does Finger Impressions on the last show at the Chicago Improv