Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz

Within our library of books we've read countless variations of Triumph, many of which we feel are superior to Vernon's original handling published in The Stars of Magic. However, Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz is as open, fair and visual as we have ever seen. Witness the ingenious thinking this spanish master of sleight of hand puts into all his magic with this amazing effect. Don't close your eyes.

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Big Bird: The Muppet Unmasked

On the street, Caroll Spinney is a 74-year-old of modest proportions. On the job, transformed into Big Bird, he stands 8 feet 2 inches tall and is 6 years old.

Next Media Animation: First Presidential Debate 2012

Mitt clobbers Obama.

Obama Romney presidential debate 2012: The first of three matchups between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was held in Colorado Wednesday. Romney handily trounced his opponent on the issues of jobs, the economy and taxes. To Obama's Democratic supporters, it looked as thought the president didn't even want to be there.

Moderator Jim Lehrer struggled to do his job. Romney said he would cut subsidies to PBS, though he said he liked Big Bird and liked Jim Lehrer, too.

Why Obama Now

An animated short about the big choice in 2012's presidential election
- by Simpsons / Family Guy animator Lucas Gray
- also available at

Wheelchair Ice Cream Truck for Son

Last Halloween the father of a little boy named Carter created the boy's Halloween costume around the chair.

Carter has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, He built his son an ice cream truck complete with a back window filled with ice cream cones. On the side of the truck, he painted "Buster's Ice Cream."

Apple vs. Samsung

... And the campaign against Google.

You're probably aware of the court battles between Apple and Samsung. Jurors agreed and hit Samsung with over a billion dollars in damages. Now the question is how will Samsung choose to appeal this decision and more importantly what kind of impact could a verdict like this have on the smartphone and tablet markets? Here's a video explaing you everything you need to know.

The Penis Files

Until "The Olson Penis" was created by Dr. Olson 10-years ago, men's penises grew for procreation when a woman ovulated, then retracted immediately. 200 years ago, men who were devoutly religious and monogamous experienced penile growth for procreation only. Conversely, women have always been born with vaginas and sexual freedom not governed by religion or politics. In February, a committee of women met to discuss "The Olson Penis" being covered by Obamacare.

Steve Jobs Memorial Celebration

One year ago today, (5 Oct 2011), Steve J

Apple offers video of company's Steve Jobs passed away. Here is what Apple released this morning as a Jobs memorial.

Company posts link to video of memorial held for co-founder and former chief executive who died earlier this month, with speeches by Tim Cook, Al Gore and Jonathan Ive.