E=mc is Incomplete

You've heard of E=mc... but you probably haven't heard the whole story.


Cloud 8

A resentful guardian angel does everything in his power to get the lazy human he is guarding to wake up and embrace the day - which for mysterious reasons is much harder than it looks.

Writer/Director: Jeremy Diamond

What Top Republicans say about Mitt Romney

Listen to leading Republicans including Guilianai, Gingrich, Santorum, John McCain, Ron Paul, Fox News commentators, and even Paul Ryan share their hearts and thoughts about Mitt Romney.

Veritasium: Trees Are Freaking Awesome!

Trees create immense negative pressures of 10's of atmospheres by evaporating water from nanoscale pores, sucking water up 100m in a state where it should be boiling but can't because the perfect xylem tubes contain no air bubbles, just so that most of it can evaporate in the process of absorbing a couple molecules of carbon dioxide. Now I didn't mention the cohesion of water (that it sticks to itself well) but this is implicit in the description of negative pressure, strong surface tension etc.


An exploration of transcendence.

Questions through abstract metaphors and symbols, illustrated by the human heart.

Directed by Erick Oh


Only somebody brave, with a rebel soul, may enter the jungle of the bureau and fight face to face against the most dangerous men at this side of the river.

Governor Chris Christie: Hurricane Sandy Update, FOX News

New Jersey governor Chris Christie appeared on Fox News, saying that Obama had helped tremendously.

I spoke to the president three times yesterday, he explained. He called me for the last time at midnight last night asking what he could do. I said, if you can expedite designating New Jersey as a major disaster area that that would help us to get federal money and resources in here as quickly as possible to help clean up the damage here.

The president was great last night, Christie continued. He said he would get it done. At 2 a.m., I got a call from FEMA to answer a couple of final questions and then he signed the declaration this morning. So I have to give the president great credit. Hes been on the phone with me three times in the last 24 hours. Hes been very attentive, and anything that Ive asked for, hes gotten to me. So, I thank the president publicly for that. Hes done as far as Im concerned a great job for New Jersey.

Fox News co-host Steve Doocy wondered when Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was going to get some of the same benefits from the hurricane with a photo op in disaster-stricken New Jersey towns.

Over the last couple of months, you have appeared throughout the country, Governor, on behalf of Mitt Romney, Doocy remarked to Christie. [W]e hear that perhaps Mr. Romney may do some storm-related events. Is there any possibility that Gov. Romney may go to New Jersey to tour some of the damage with you?

I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested, Christie replied, immediately shutting down the idea. Ive got a job to do here in New Jersey thats much bigger than presidential politics and I could [sic] care less about any of that stuff.

I have a job to do, he added. Ive got 2.4 million people out of power, Ive got devastation on the shore, Ive got floods in the northern part of my state. If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics then you dont know me.

Watch this video from Fox News Fox & Friends, broadcast Oct. 30, 2012.

Bob Ross Remixed

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Bob Ross remixed by Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios.

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Sight: The Future of Augmented Reality

A wonderful video has been created to exhibit a potential future of visually augmented reality. Perhaps an eventual evolution of existing projects such as Google Glass.

This exceptional short film lets you see through the eyes of a 'Sight' user. 'Sight' is a fictional electronic contact lens system that utilizes Heads-Up-Displays and alters your perception of an environment. Not only is an incredible feat of special effects, but it brings to life so many ideas for augmented reality you have surely thought of these past few months.

A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.
Contact the makers:
Daniel Lazo: duniol2@gmail.com
Eran May-raz: eranmayraz@gmail.com
Hanan Revivo: hanan5712@gmail.com
Boaz Bachrach: hearfeel@gmail.com