Run Wrake: Rabbit

Rabbit is a short animated film by Run Wrake.

This creepy and disturbing short features a children's book style of animation and tells a story of wealth and greed.


Carl is a man in his fifties, whos trying to lead a normal life in an unusual situation with his friend Eddy. One day, while hes looking for food, he finds Sam, unconscious. Carl brings him back home. When Sam wakes up, he will question Carls way of life. The latter is going to understand his meeting is maybe not due to chance.

Directed by : Robin Bersot Camille Dellerie Mickal Larue Thomas Rodriguez
Music : Vincent Gros, Julien Denamur, Laurent Faessel
Voices : Vincent Grass, Thomas Sagols
Mixing : Jose Vicente
ESMA 2012

Halloween with the Addams Family

Episode 7, first aired October 29, 1965, RT 25:38.

Halloween has the Addams family preparing for trick or treaters but Wednesday is down in the dumps when a neighbor tells her that witches do not exist. Wanting to prove the neighbor wrong, Morticia hopes to conjure up one by holding a sance trying to contact Aunt Singe, a family member who had been burned at the stake in Salem. However, Grandmama's efforts to conjure a witch may backfire and ruin the family's favorite holiday.

John Carpenter: The Man & His Movies

Filmmaker John Carpenter helped redefine the American horror film in 1978 with Halloween, a low-budget thriller which became a major box office success. Since then, Carpenter has devoted his career to bringing a fresh perspective to genre filmmaking, striving to maintain the freedom of an independent while working within the studio system. (Carpenter not only writes and directs his own projects, but often also serves as producer and composer as well.) John Carpenter: Fear Is Just the Beginning...The Man and His Movies is a documentary about this two-fisted maverick auteur, which offers a look at the making of such favorites as Escape From New York, The Thing, The Fog, and many more. The documentary includes interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau, Debra Hill, and other friends and colleagues

Adam Bizanski: Paul

Still in the aftermath of a tough break up, Paul's life is slowly deteriorating. A mindless burglary of his rented apartment forces him to to push through the underworld of Tel Aviv to investigate. Written and Directed by Adam Bizanski.

Warning: Nudity.

The Minecraft Matrix

"Have you ever played a game so much that you thought it was real?" Hell yeah... its called Minecraft.

Animated and created by hBRUNAV

My Bastard Son: Pilot episode

The actor James Urbaniak documents his new life with his estranged adult son. Also starring Griffin Newman and Renie Rivas.

Directed by David Avallone.

Family Guy: Brian's Magic Mushroom Trip

To pass time while trapped inside during a hurricane, Brian takes some psychedelic mushrooms. The trip soon proves more than he can handle, as it steadily descends into horror and madness.

Dancing Baby Stingray

Baby stingrays looking out of this world while dancing. This video was shot at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport Oregon. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Prep Tips: Welding

If you break down in the woods, you can use your own car battery to weld the needed repairs.

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

From the film, Return of the Dragon, the two martial arts star square off in a fight to the death.

Also, the very last movie scene ever allowed filmed at the Roman Coliseum.

9:50 RT.

Also, the only time you will see these two fighters with a kitten.