Martha Stewart on Factory Farming

During our 25th Anniversary year, Martha Stewart included President and Co-Founder Gene Baur on her Vegan Show. She also recorded this powerful message about the cruelty of factory farming.


In 2010, scientists succeeded in recreating a miniature version of the Big Bang.

Within a few years, some of the Universe's deepest secrets may be unlocked.

Attenborough Tastes the Nectar

Bloated from storing nectar from a Mulga tree in the Australian desert, these Ants look more like small grapes than Ants. What does the nectar taste like? David Attenborough finds out.

Jesus Never Existed.

Dusty Smith explains why rational people do not believe in a historical Jesus.

For a video that goes into all this in much greater historical detail see one of my favorite videos ever here:

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Jesus Never Existed.