Spotted Ratfish (Hydrolagus Colliei)

While diving at Cat Rock at Anacapa Island last week I ran across this Spotted Ratfish hanging out at 20 feet. These fish are known to live 1600-3000 feet down so I was pretty excited to see one. This fish is a member of Class Chondrichthyes in the subclass Holocephali. They share many characteristics with sharks but have some big differences too. They are also known as Chimaeras and are extremely cool fish.

Sorry for the shakyness of the video. I was low on air and was kind of freaking out about how cool this was. Should have slowed down and taken my time. Oh well... next time :)

Best of Rifftrax: Daredevil

Some of my favorite jokes from the rifftrax version of Daredevil which is yet another rock from the mountain of crappy Marvel movies. There's only a handful of marvel movies out there that I would say are worth watching, everything else sucks and this is no different. So have fun and support these guys at if you want more from them

Disclaimer: Daredevil is owned by 20th Century Fox


"Every day he lives, somebody else dies!" French dubbed clip from the B movie, The Executioner.

Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo

Get down to the beats on this man's tummy as three percussionists lay down some epic drum soloing action in Tummy Talk.

The Physics of Soap Bubbles

An Equal Arts production funded by an application to the Institute of Physics. Young people from South Street Primary Gateshead worked with the Cultural Carers Adventures and various artists and scientists and a bubbleologist to learn about the physics of bubbles and to come up with a final short film about bubbles and some of the physics they learnt.

Georges Mlis: Viaje a la Luna (A Trip to the Moon) 1902

Viaje a la Luna (A Trip to the Moon) was the screen's first science fiction film.

It draws from the Jules Verne story and the works of H. G. Wells.

The film was 14 minutes long, but this was considered to be a full length feature as movies at this time were shown between live vaudeville acts.

It has great special effects for the time and some of the ladies of the Follies Bergere as "lab assistants".