Monty Python: My Brain Hurts

Mister Palin plays Mister Gumby and is suffering.

Mister Cleese plays the physician and sends him to a specialist for surgery played by Mister Chapman.

Killing Time (Las Horas Muertas)

Four young friends have park an old rented autocaravan next to a road. Someone is aiming at them with a rifle.
A cult shortfilm written, edited and directed by Haritz Zubillaga.
A Basque Films production.
Nominated Best European Fantastic Shortfilm - Golden Mlis.
Best International Shortfilm - Ravenna Fantastic Film Festival.
Special Jury Award - Mlaga Spanish Film Festival.
40 International Awards.

Star Wars Episode 7: Official Trailer

It's Star Wars Episode 7 Official Trailer by NMA!

Walt Disney will pay $4.05 billion for Lucasfilm, giving the House that Mouse Built control of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Disney now controls Pixar, creators of the successful Toy Story franchise, and Marvel Entertainment, which has the Avengers.

How will the new films differ from Episodes 4 through 6, which everyone loves, and Episodes 1 through 3, which everyone hates? George Lucas will be kept on as a creative consultant, but will he direct or write?

Hurricane Sandy Hits Home

Directed by Matteo Agrusa

Music by Young The Giant - Cough Syrup

Footage taken around the New York State area the morning after Hurricane Sandy.

Rage Comic: Socks with Sandals

Original comic by sphbking
Animation by Guy Collins
Polish translation by MychaTv
Music by Kevin MacLeod, titled "Merry Go"

Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

E=mc is Incomplete

You've heard of E=mc... but you probably haven't heard the whole story.

Cloud 8

A resentful guardian angel does everything in his power to get the lazy human he is guarding to wake up and embrace the day - which for mysterious reasons is much harder than it looks.

Writer/Director: Jeremy Diamond

What Top Republicans say about Mitt Romney

Listen to leading Republicans including Guilianai, Gingrich, Santorum, John McCain, Ron Paul, Fox News commentators, and even Paul Ryan share their hearts and thoughts about Mitt Romney.