Shaun Ellis: Real Life Wolf Man

Shaun Ellis, 47, had devoted his life to eating, sleeping and living with a pack of wolves. Such was his dedication he rarely washed, only ate meat and often slept in a muddy enclosure with them. But after meeting Isla, 30, at a friends house the couple hit it off and wed in a Native American wedding last September. And incredibly, Isla is now being taught by her new hubby how to live with - and like - a wolf.

David Attenborough: Getting Close to Elsa the Lioness, 1961

First transmitted in 1961, David Attenborough travels to Meru National Park in Kenya to meet Elsa the lioness and her cubs shortly before Elsa's death.

Joy explains how to gauge Elsa's irritability and when she knows it is safe to approach.

This programme is included in the BBC Four archive collection of David Attenborough's early films.

Dynamics of Unconfined Spherical Flames

Using the soap bubble technique, we visualize the dynamics of unconfined hydrogen-air flames using high speed schlieren video. We show that for sufficiently weak mixtures, i.e., low flame speeds, buoyancy effects become important.

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Romney Sings Concession

After calling President Obama to congratulate him on his victory in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney comforts his supporters in song.

Schmoyoho (shmo YO ho) is the vision of a magical universe where song fills every moment. Behind this vision are The Gregory Brothers.

Spielberg's Jaws Restoration

Academy Award Winner Steven Spielberg's iconic summer classic comes to Blu-ray for the first time ever on August 14th, digitally remastered and fully restored in honor of Universal's 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Take a look at the extensive process that went into restoring this unforgettable film.

Jaws will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD, Digital Copy, UltraViolet and over 4 hours of bonus features including an all-new documentary "The Shark is Still Working."

Keeping Doors Open

As part of the Predictably Irrational series, this video explores our tendency to keep doors open.

Watch what happens when opportunities start to fade into the distance -- do we hang on to the best option, or go after other options that may soon disappear?

Why do we have such a hard time letting go of options that we don't really want?

What a Wonderful World with David Attenborough

Originally uploaded by the BBC on Dec 7, 2011 on their youtube channel: re uploaded for everyone thats not located in the UK and can't view it there. So, here you go:

Original description A celebration of Natural History on BBC One with David Attenborough.