John Oliver #GoodbyeGeckos

The Russian space geckos have died. John Oliver enlists the band A Great Big World to help him pay tribute to the sacrifice they made for science with their song “Say Something.”

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Is Marijuana Addictive?

It’s common for people to say that marijuana is not addictive. Is there any truth to this? Laci is here to discuss how this belief might actually be a myth!

From Discovery News

Joan Rivers Unloads at Sundance

Joan Rivers unloads: on the conspiracy to systematically ban her from late night TV; her childhood in the suburbs; her arch-rival in CELEBRITY APPRENTICE; who is the next, great woman comic; what it takes to survive a life in showbiz; is she ready to pass on the baton?
Shot at the Sundance Film Festival after the screening of her documentary feature, JOAN RIVERS-A PIECE OF WORK.

Joan Rivers Handles a Heckler in Wisconsin =

Her bite is as fierce as her bark, but Rivers isn't numb to the consequences of her bite.

This clip shows the vast passion and intensity that Joan Rivers has for her craft. It also shows the emotional roller coaster that this film is, in that she fights tooth and nail for her integrity but is equally willing to do whatever is necessary to be successful and remain the Queen of comedy.

Not only does she wholeheartedly believe that what she does is for the good of her audience she also doesn't delude herself that she's anything more than a driven individual.

From Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

4Chan on CNN

Who hacked and posted celebs nude pics?

CNN's Bret Larson reveals the latest in the investigation into who hacked and posted nude pics of female celebrities.

From CNN

The Secret of Life: Slightly Less Than Two Drinks

You must never drink any more than slightly less than two drinks. Beyond that state of mildly intoxicated perfection lies drunken madness, 3rd pints, kebabs, and destruction.

Banned skit from That Mitchell and Webb Look