The Salad Mixxxer

In a 1960s-era informercial for an electric vibrating salad tossing device that, unbeknownst to the host, might have a dual purpose.

From Adult Swim

Everyone is an Asshole

That's right, kids: people come in all shapes and sizes, but we're all assholes.

From College Humor

Every On-Screen Death In The Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy, In Under 3 Minutes

The original "Star Wars" movies are a non-violent and kid-friendly, right? Not really any blood or gore to speak of. But once you start totalling up the deaths of pilots, capital ships and whole planets, it becomes apparent that one of our most beloved film trilogies contains the equivalent of several genocides.

Weed Pole Dance

Tattooed girl takes a massive hit from the bong before turning a dance pole into a chill work of art.