Study Finds Earth Located in the Lamest Fucking Part of Universe

Citing factors ranging from the dumb, ugly asteroid belt separating the terrestrial planets from the gas giants, to the super-boring and practically empty interstellar medium extending in nearly every direction, new research published Wednesday by the International Astronomical Union has concluded that Earth is located in "by far the lamest" region of the observable universe.

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The Psychedelic Experience

What is the psychedelic experience? Aldous Huxley believed it was the fundamental craving of the human spirit. A desire to turn off the survival biased filter of perception just for a moment... and catch a glimpse beyond the bars of our cognitive prison.

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Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

It seems like everyone knows someone who is incredibly smart, but also smokes a lot of pot! Is there a link between someone's intelligence and their likelihood to smoke marijuana? Trace was curious and did some digging of his own to find out.

Sneak Alcohol onto a Cruise.

This video will show you how to put hard alcohol into the wine bottle without using a cork opener. Good for sneaking it on cruise ships that allow you to bring wine but not hard alcohol.

How Drugs and Alcohol Affect your Brain

You know that drugs and alcohol affect you, but how do they actually make your body change?

In this video we talk a bit about how drugs and booze affect your brain, and if you join us next time we'll go even further into how these substances affect your mood and overall health.

If you're interested, here are some good places to learn more:

*The first neurotransmitter we reference is called GABA- it's responsible for regulating neuron excitation
*When we reference neurotransmitters that control memory and learning, we are talking about the NMDA system
*Two more good resources can be found below

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Features the song "Wickenden Kids" by the Rare Occasions -

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A Guy Walks into a Bar

After an awkward exchange, two strangers realise that picking up a member of the opposite sex can be a tricky business.

From Rhys Wakefield