Blazing Saddles: Mongo

Alex Karras, former Detroit Lions defensive tackle, plays Mongo in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles. His other famous acting role? In the TV show Webster, with Emmanuel Lewis.

Led Zeppelin: The Ocean, Live

Live, from Madison Square Garden.

Led Zeppelin was the only band to have ever sold out 11 straight shows and be held over for another three nights at that venue.

Final 24: Hunter S. Thompson, His Final Hours

Final 24 charts the life of this troubled genius and uncover why a bullet to the head was the only way out. This compelling documentary series unlocks the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic deaths of famed notorious and the iconic. Every episode maps out the final 24 hours of a different famous person's life. The series weaves the star's back-story with events from their last day, which lays bare the threads of fate that led inextricably from childhood to the moment of death. These are no ordinary biographies. They're psychological detective stories attempting to uncover the mystery of why the celebrity died. Hunter S. Thompson was an author trapped in the body of a rock star. His drug-fuelled adventures were legendary and became the basis of one of the classics of 20th century literature. Thompson's constant questioning of authority and wild antics made him a hero for a generation of rebels across the globe. But in the end it wasn't enough. A lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse was taking their toll and at 67, with a broken leg, two hip operations and in chronic pain Thompson could no longer live up to the legend he'd created. On February 20, 2005, he decided to end it all with one of his favorite possessions, a Smith and Wesson 45. Final 24 charts the life of this troubled genius and uncover why a bullet to the head was the only way out.

Daffy Duck: Wise Quacking Duck

An exceedingly mild-mannered man is sent out to kill a duck for dinner by his wife. Unfortunately for him, he picks Daffy Duck as his victim. The two face off and do battle for the remainder of the cartoon.

c 1943.

Daffy Duck does a strip tease!

Henry & Aaron: IT'S A SNAP!

Education is a snap at the Central Institute of Technology in Australia. A charming advertisement for a college down under, by Henry and Aaron. Stay to the end. Send the kids out the room.

Bill Moyers: Freedom of and from Religion

In this video essay, Bill Moyers addresses the question of how to honor religious liberty without it becoming the liberty to impose on others moral beliefs they dont share. The recent debate over contraception coverage in Catholic hospitals and other faith-based institutions brought this question to the forefront, but then something surprising happened a reasonable, practical, and equitable solution from President Obama that took the political steam out of what some saw as a holy war.

EARTH Masterpieces of Ice and Stone

Revel in Earth as Art. Make sure you watch in glorious 1080p. Landsat missions were launched for scientific purposes, but they make up one of the most awe-inspiring collections of beautiful images of our home planet.

For the last few centuries, artists have been exploring Earth's untamed and awe-inspiring vistas, often as an antidote to life in the modern world. They evoked the grandeur of the Hudson River, the peace of Scandinavian fiords, or the omnipotent power of the ocean. This romantic ideal today has gained a new vantage point, from space, and a new set of brushes for capturing the beauty of our planet.

Landsat images feature colors tuned to record geological or even human forces at work. More than that, though, this great gallery of Earth explores its timeless beauty, its uncertain path forward.

So take this tour of Earth's great landforms as seen from space. We travel to Africa and the Sahara and Namib deserts, to Argentina and Bolivia, the American heartland, and the great Canadian land and ice forms. Then it's on to Greenland, Iceland, Russia, India, China, and finally the continent down under.

We wrap our journey in a small corner of the vast Great Sandy Desert. The satellite has brought out the scarring action of natural wildfires. The narrow sand dunes that cut across the scene are like cracks on an ancient brittle canvas. A masterpiece, from the turbulent imagination of an artist, whose brushes are wind, and fire, and time.


A regular night of dream delivering turns into a literal nightmare when a boy's book of ancient mythology comes alive.

Created at Brigham Young University's Center for Animation

Everything is a Remix Part 4

Our system of law doesn't acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren't so tidy. They're layered, theyre interwoven, they're tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality... the system starts to fail.

Disappearing Car Door

Tired of car doors that extend beyond the body of the car when open? Why not store your door in the floor instead?

Congress Contraception Panel Is All Male

Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying

This morning, Democrats tore into House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for preventing women from testifying before a hearing examining the Obama administrations new regulation requiring employers and insurers to provide contraception coverage to their employees. Republicans oppose the administrations rule and have sponsored legislation that would allow employers to limit the availability of birth control to women.

Ranking committee member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) had asked Issa to include a female witness at the hearing, but the Chairman refused, arguing that As the hearing is not about reproductive rights and contraception but instead about the Administrations actions as they relate to freedom of religion and conscience, he believes that Ms. Fluke is not an appropriate witness.

And so Cummings, along with the Democratic women on the panel, took their request to the hearing room, demanding that Issa consider the testimony of a female college student. But the California congressman insisted that the hearing should focus on the rules alleged infringement on religious liberty, not contraception coverage, and denied the request. Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) walked out of the hearing in protest of his decision, citing frustration over the fact that the first panel of witnesses consisted only of male religious leaders against the rule. Holmes Norton said she will not return, calling Issas chairmanship an autocratic regime.

Issa also dismissed the Democrats woman witness as a college student who does not have the appropriate credentials to testify before his committee.