will (director's cut)

It is a parent/child story, bookended by voicemail messages. In the chaos between the first World Trade Center crash and the second, a father wishes to connect with his daughter. Looking back over clippings of the disaster, a scrapbook of rememberence, the daughter wishes to turn back time. It is not strictly speaking a factual tale, yet, is there any doubt that among the thousands that lost their lives and for their families left behind that the story dramatized is true?

Roscoe: Lowlands

A strange and harsh coming-of-age story, in which a son falls victim to his father's wish of earning big money with illegal street-fights. The boy becomes a victorious fighter, until faith strikes upon him.

This story, set against the atmospherical backdrop of Bucharest's suburbs, talks about the expectations a father puts into his son.

Music video for 'Lowlands', a song by Belgian band 'Roscoe'.

Living Room

A musical stop-motion short film by Andreas Kaufmann.

The Loner

Director,Writer, Animator: FLA

Designers: BOO, FLA

Music: The Freaks

Project Coodinator: Nana

Speciation: Of Ligers & Men

CrashCourse Biology #15

Hank explains speciation - the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise - in terms of finches, ligers, mules, and dogs.

Robotic Bird Lands on Human Hand

The work by Aditya Paranjape, Joseph Kim, and Soon-Jo Chung at the Aerospace Robotics and Control Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Narration by Jenny Roderick at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Eagleman Stag

If Peter could be anything, he'd probably be a beetle.

BAFTA award winning short, The Eagleman Stag. Featuring the esteemed vocal talents of David Cann, with sound and score Benedict Please.

M16: Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula and its Pillars of Creation are some of the most recognisable features in deep space.


Animated short by Jacob Streilein.

When I Grow Up

A girl doesn't know what she wants to be.

Animated short by Jasmin Lai.