Working a graveyard mailroom shift, a young actor learns life-long lessons from the melting-pot of racial diversity in the office.

By Jonathan Yi

That's Why Carbon Is A Tramp: Crash Course Biology #1

And thus begins the most revolutionary biology course in history. Come and learn about covalent, ionic, and hydrogen bonds. What about electron orbitals, the octet rule, and what does it all have to do with a mad man named Gilbert Lewis? It's all contained within.

Domino Chain Reaction

A domino can knock over another domino about 50% larger than itself. A chain of dominos of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.

Original idea by Lorne Whitehead, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 51, page 182 (1983).

See for a sophisticated discussion of the physics.

Planet Earth: Bahrain Desert Birds

In the Gulf on the coast of Bahrain, 100,000 Socotra Cormorants are settling down to nest. In the intense heat, the only nutrition to be had comes from the wind blowing in from the ocean, making the barren wasteland a fertile place to raise their young.

Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger

From Gold's Gym in Venice Beach California to the showdown in Pretoria, amateur and professional bodybuilders prepare for the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests in this part-scripted, part-documentary film. Five-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his Mr. Olympia title against Serge Nubret and the shy young deaf Lou Ferrigno, whose father is his coach; the ruthless champ psyches out the young lion. Sardinian Franco Columbu competes in the lightweight class; at home in Italy he solves a tight parking problem by lifting the car into place. Joe Weider is the marketer; Mike Katz and Ken Waller go for the title of Mr. Universe. Bodybuilding and a celebrity-to-be go mainstream.

Psycho: The Truth About Mother

The revealing scene in Alfred Hitchcock's film, when Sam and Lila finally find out the truth about Norman Bates's mum. WARNING: this totally spoilers the ending of the film!

Trayvon Martin's Mother on Mother's Day

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mom, released a video asking parents nationwide to support the Second Chance campaign, a new national campaign working to reform, repeal and prevent passage of new Florida-style "Shoot First" laws around the country.

The Second Chance campaign launched after Martin's death with the NAACP, the National Urban League, the National Action Network, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, VoteVets and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to oppose reckless Shoot First laws that are on the books of 26 states and pending in 10 more.

C Block

Animated short by Vladimir Kooperman.

Royal Pain

Royal Pain is about a palace guard who befriends a pest. The movie is Natalie Wetzig's GC-animated senior film from her studies at CalArts.

Maa Vidal: Follow Me

A wolf in sheep clothing, in the video Maa walks through perverse stories of seduction and deception.

The video is the work of Joana Colomar.