Orson Welles Terrorizes Jim Henson and Frank Oz

Things take an unpleasant turn at the end of Orson Welles' interview with Jim Henson and Frank Oz... and stay tuned for Miss Angie Dickinson.

Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the use of his music and to the old Late Night as well.

Craig Ferguson: Comedian Will Marfori

Will Marfori knows what it's like for a person to live with a disability. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. But he doesn't know how to allow this to keep him from entertaining audiences as he shares this experience and his unique perspective on life.


Enduring a poorly planned camping trip deep in the Scottish Highlands, Father and Son, Bill and Robbie face up to the secrets they've kept from each other.

Short film by Michael Keillor.

ScienceNation: 3D Structures Self-Assemble

While it is relatively straightforward to build a box on the macroscale, it is much more challenging at smaller micro and nanometer length scales. At those sizes, 3D structures are too small to be assembled by any machine and they must be guided to assemble on their own. And now, interdisciplinary research by engineers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and mathematicians at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island has led to a breakthrough showing that higher order polyhedra can indeed fold up and assemble themselves. With support from the National Science Foundation, Brown University mathematician Govind Menon and Johns Hopkins University chemical and biomolecular engineer David Gracias are developing self-assembling 3-D micro and nanostructures which can be used in a number of applications, including medicine.

Ze Frank: Special Effects

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Donald Duck: a Dogma Film Trailer

From Icelandic comedy group Mid-Island, comes a mock trailer for a dogma film about the lives and times of Donald Duck.. in danish!

Donald leads a tormented life on the unforgiving streets of Duckburg, where sometimes he must betray his own conscience to make ends meet.

Donald has to raise his 3 nephews, deal with a cheating girlfriend and put up with working for his stingy uncle; the richest duck in down. This is a tale everyone can relate to.

The sketch was premiered in the comedy show Mid-Island on Channel 2, Iceland, april 12, 2012.

Mid-Island consists of comedians Ari Eldjarn, Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson, Halldor Halldorsson and Johann Alfred Kristinsson. The series was directed by Ragnar Hansson and produced by Mystery Island - http://www.mystery.is


Canada Vignettes: Log Driver's Waltz

A young girl who loves to dance and is ready to marry chooses a log driver over his more well-to-do, land-loving competition. Driving logs down the river has made him the best dancing partner to be found. This lighthearted, animated tale is based on the song The Log Driver's Waltz by Wade Hemsworth. Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing to the music of the Mountain City Four.

Mountain Talk: Appalachian English

Excerpt on Appalachian English from the documentary film Mountain Talk.

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Levon Helm: Tennessee Jed  on Letterman

RIP Levon, founding member of The Band.

Lost his battle with throat cancer today at the age of 71.

Levon Helm performed "Tennesee Jed" on the Late Show with David Letterman on 7/9/09.

5 Monkey Experiment

This experiment is known as the 5 monkey experiment.

Experiment conducted by Harry Harlow.

MC Silk from Poland

This video is also an MC Silk's way of responding to all, that have been trying ( and planning to try in the future) to convince him, on going mainstream;)