Getting the Book Invented Properly

Long before we actually had ebooks, Douglas Adams recorded the audio portion of this video in 1993 for his publisher, Voyager Expanded Books. Now there's a competition underway challenging animators to illustrate Adams' prophetic essay, and this entry by Gavin Edwards is a standout.

Crow Moon

A flock of roosting crows, black as night themselves, are threatened by the advancing shadows at dusk. They need light for protection so with the help of the Raven Chief they take a piece of the sun and use it to save themselves from the darkness.

Measuring the Universe

The Universe is absolutely huge and it's really amazing that we're able to look up from this tiny, little planet and actually measure the distance to things which are so incredibly far away. But how do we measure the distance to the stars?

cdza: Pianists in Paris

Opus No. 4 - Pianists in Paris

No Steinways were harmed in the production of this video.

Created by cdza

Bottle Cap Blues

Give some guys a couple of six packs of bottled beer and see how creative they can be in popping the tops off.

Inside Walking Dead: Bicycle Girl

The Walking Deads Special Make-Up FX artist Greg Nicotero describes and shows an incredible time-lapse video of the process of turning an actor into a torn-apart zombie girl.

Carl Sagan and Kip Thorne on Time Travel

Excerpts from BBC Horizon's The Time Lords (1996), in which Carl Sagan and Kip Thorne talk about how they came up with a scientifically plausible story element for Contact.

Bill Maher: I Am So Unhappy With Obama

Bill Maher finally got around to Ted Nugent in his final New Rule of the night, but used the rocker's recent tirade against President Obama to ask the larger question about conservative outrage over the president.

Motorised Skates: Driving Daughter to Work

Taken from the 1962 British Pathe reel "Motorised Roller Skates", this Dad drives his daughter to school on motorised roller skates. The daughter got in touch with British Pathe last year to say that she found the filming of this clip a bit embarrassing at the time!