The Big Empty

Lost in Utero or: a bittersweet tale of Alice, her vagina and the infinite nature of the tundra.

Directed by Lisa Chang and Newton Thomas Sigel.

Starring Selma Blair and Elias Koteas, with a cameo by Hugh Laurie.

Produced by Daniel Dubiecki, George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh et al.

4/20 Protester Does a "Leeroy Jenkins"

About a week prior to April 20th, 2012, the University of Colorado announced that the Norlin Quad would be closed, and the entire campus would be closed to everybody except students. This was to prevent the annual marijuana smoke-out that in previous years attracted over 10,000 people.

One brave man, decided to take a stand.

Waiting for Conkers

Sometimes, all we need is a little attention.

A short film written & directed by Paul Gowers.

Bob Cavnar Warns Congress Has 'actually Gone backwards' on Offshore Drilling Safety since Bp Spill

On the two-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, Bob Cavnar, oil industry veteran and author of "Disaster on the Horizon," tells "Viewpoint" host Eliot Spitzer that he "absolutely" believes the same thing could happen again. The House has passed three bills that reduce environmental review on new offshore leases, Cavnar explains, adding that nothing has been done to increase drilling companies' $75 million liability cap in the event of a catastrophe.
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Keith Moon - Final 24: His Final Hours

Final 24 documents the final moments of this rock star's life. This compelling documentary series unlocks the hidden secrets, psychological flaws and events that result in the tragic deaths of famed notorious and the iconic. Every episode maps out the final 24 hours of a different famous person's life. The series weaves the star's back-story with events from their last day, which lays bare the threads of fate that led inextricably from childhood to the moment of death. These are no ordinary biographies. They're psychological detective stories attempting to uncover the mystery of why the celebrity died. September 6, 1978: Keith Moon is one of the most outrageous rock'n'roll performers in the world. As the genius drummer for The Who, wild-man Moon is a non-stop party animal. In 24 hours, however, the party will be over... And Moon will be dead. Featuring archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and interviews with his family and closest companions, Final 24 documents the final moments of this rock star's life.

Steve Love: Drunk Impressions

Sloppy cut-up of sloppy impressions from the archive.

Set List:

John Madden, Michael Irvin, Dr. Phil, Arnold Shwartzenegger, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Cartman, Snoop Dogg, David Attenborough, Vito Corleone (The Godfather), Peter & Lois Griffin, Mike Tyson, Hank & Bobby Hill, Gollum (LOTR)

Orson Welles Terrorizes Jim Henson and Frank Oz

Things take an unpleasant turn at the end of Orson Welles' interview with Jim Henson and Frank Oz... and stay tuned for Miss Angie Dickinson.

Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the use of his music and to the old Late Night as well.

Craig Ferguson: Comedian Will Marfori

Will Marfori knows what it's like for a person to live with a disability. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. But he doesn't know how to allow this to keep him from entertaining audiences as he shares this experience and his unique perspective on life.


Enduring a poorly planned camping trip deep in the Scottish Highlands, Father and Son, Bill and Robbie face up to the secrets they've kept from each other.

Short film by Michael Keillor.

ScienceNation: 3D Structures Self-Assemble

While it is relatively straightforward to build a box on the macroscale, it is much more challenging at smaller micro and nanometer length scales. At those sizes, 3D structures are too small to be assembled by any machine and they must be guided to assemble on their own. And now, interdisciplinary research by engineers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and mathematicians at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island has led to a breakthrough showing that higher order polyhedra can indeed fold up and assemble themselves. With support from the National Science Foundation, Brown University mathematician Govind Menon and Johns Hopkins University chemical and biomolecular engineer David Gracias are developing self-assembling 3-D micro and nanostructures which can be used in a number of applications, including medicine.

Ze Frank: Special Effects

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