Upside Down Helicopter - Smarter Every Day

Destin films an RC helicopter on a Phantom, and mounts a small video camera on the helicopter to analyze the rotor blades.

MUSIC "It's probably going to be OK" created by "A Shell In The Pit" Download it here: . The wizard pilot is Carl Groover Carl Flies for the Curtis Youngblood team


An animated short by Guy Collins. Music by Kevin MacLeod (, titled "Batty McFaddin" Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" [] Dedicated to Edd Gould, a legend and an inspiration.

Andrew Dickey: Black Bike

Andrew Dickey riding trials in Melbourne, Australia in early 2012.

Music: Attack Ships on Fire, by Architect from the album Consume Adapt Create

How to Buy a Car, Using Game Theory

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, author of The Predictioneer's Game, shares his foolproof method for getting your next car for the lowest price possible.

1957 Spaghetti Harvest

Considered the greatest April Fools' prank ever.

In 1957, BBC television broadcast this story and got hundreds of calls and letters on how people could start their own.

April Fools 2011: Complex Numbers in Math Class

Yesterday afternoon I did another video trick for my Nature of Math class at Biola University. What's the difference between the real and the imaginary? Can an imaginary person (like a person in a YouTube video) do something outside the confines of a video box?

See the instructions at the end for another version of this question.

Thanks again to Andrew Staver who did most of the work on this video. He's graduating this semester with a degree in Film Production from the Cinema and Media Arts department.

(This version has the sound working)

Howie Mandel: I Do The Watusi

Back in 1986, Howie had a record deal (or no deal) with Warner Brothers Records, released an album named "Fits Like A Glove" and did this music video "I Do The Watusi".

Tommy Seebach: Apache

Tommy Seebach does a 70's disco mix of that classic Shadows track, "Apache", Benny Hill style.

Jan Terri: "Excuse My Christmas" - FIRST

Jan Terri's Christmas song for 2011. This will be on her comeback album, "Wild One."

Produced by The Guy Bauer Half Hour, Chicago's Late Night Talk Show -

From Wikipedia:

Jan Terri (born June 17, 1959) is a musician from Chicago who gained notoriety for her VHS music videos. She recorded two albums, High Risk[1] and Baby Blues[2] in the early 90s, along with VHS cassettes including her music videos, which became popular on YouTube. Terri graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 1983 with a degree in broadcast communications and arts and entertainment management. While at Columbia, she interned at a recording studio in Hillside run by a country bar band called the Windy City Cowboys. Terri became their backup singer. She also studied voice with Anne Perillo.

By 1992, Terri was working as a limo driver when she planned to return to making music. Prior to this, Terri worked as a cashier at a Zayre department store where she met bagger Jeff Lemeshewsky, her future producer and boyfriend. The relationship reportedly began after Jan watched Jeff play tennis. Apparently her heart grew fonder the more terribly he played. Despite its magical beginnings, the relationship would quickly sour after a dispute over another romantic tryst. Jeff cried for days on end and ultimately mustered the courage to leave Jan, which was the inspiration for her all-time classic, "Losing You". The specific line "You're the only thing that matters" has been attributed to them getting back together and eventually getting married, which they remain today, still working on their much anticipated duet album, "Dirtbike Love". Jan has recorded a wide collection of songs, and eventually had several music videos filmed to help promote them. Still working as a limousine driver, Terri would give copies of the videos to her clients in an attempt to generate interest in work. These became cult favorites in advertising and marketing circles.[citation needed]

In the late 1990s, Terri's a copy of a one of her videos was seen by rock musician Marilyn Manson. He had Terri perform her number one hit at one of his parties as a sort of sideshow to his 'freak' tour theme, and allowed her to open for one of his concerts. Some footage of her can be viewed in Manson's God is in the TV collection. Terri's second album, High Risk, was released around this time, and she enjoyed a cult following in Chicago for a few more years.