Nova Science Now: How Smart Are Dogs?

Meet an extraordinary Border collie and other dogs that are changing our view of canine intelligence. Aired February 9, 2011 on PBS.
New discoveries are revealing that "man's best friend" is smarter than we ever thought, with a brain that resembles our own in ways we never imagined. Travel to Wolf Park, where scientists are tracing the evolutionary path that turned wild animals into our cuddly companions, and meet a superdog with a vocabulary of over 1,000 words. This brilliant border collie understands 1,022 nouns


Cruelty, uniformity, estrangement; and subversion. The daily routine at the elementary school.

Zoochosis presents a short film by Patrick Scott.

Charlie Chaplin: The Pawnshop

Charlie competes with his fellow shop assistant. He is fired by the pawnbroker and rehired. He nearly destroys everything in the shop and and himself. He helps capture a burglar. He destroys a client's clock while examining it in detail.

The Lost Tribes of New York City

The latest short film from London Squared Productions.

Urban Anthropologists, Andy and Carolyn London interview some of New York City's more overlooked citizens.

Kagemono: The Shadow Folk

by Sabrina Cotugno

The story of Beopup, a hungry little fox who goes hunting in the woods and uncovers something rather unpleasant.

The Hawking Paradox: BBC Horizon

Stephen Hawking is the most famous scientist on the planet. His popular science book 'A Brief History of Time' was a publishing sensation, staying at the top of the bestseller lists longer than any other book in recent history. But behind the public face lies an argument that has been raging for almost 30 years.

Hawking shot to fame in the world of physics when he provided a mathematical proof for the Big Bang theory. This theory showed that the entire universe exploded from a singularity, an infinitely small point with infinite density and infinite gravity. Hawking was able to come to his proof using mathematical techniques that had been developed by Roger Penrose. These techniques were however developed to deal not with the beginning of the Universe but with black holes.

Science had long predicted that if a sufficiently large star collapsed at the end of its life, all the matter left in the star would be crushed into an infinitely small point with infinite gravity and infinite density -- a singularity. Hawking realised that the Universe was, in effect, a black hole in reverse.

Instead of matter being crushed into a singularity, the Universe began when a singularity expanded to form everything we see around us today, from stars to planets to people. Hawking realised that to come to a complete understanding of the Universe he would have to unravel the mysteries of the black hole.

Hate E-Mails With Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins reads some of his hate mail. An excerpt from the video entitled "Richard Dawkins Answers Reddit Questions," which can be found on from the RichardDawkinsDotNet channel.

There is a link to this video on PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog:

And Stephen Fry seems to have retweeted this:

Also referred to on Jerry Coyne's blog, "Why Evolution Is True":

There is a copy of this video on

Victim Steals Police Car Prank

In this prank we target couples. While the female is distracted, we reveal to the husband / boyfriend that this is a prank and ask him to jump in the police car and drive around the corner.Two minutes later, the instant accomplice comes back with a wrecked cops cruiser while his wife / girlfriend can't understand what's going on!

Eliot Spitzer to Tim Geithner: Prosecute Criminality, Crack down on Big banks' 'illegal tricks'

"Viewpoint" host Eliot Spitzer reacts to a report from the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) predicting that TARP will wind up costing $60 billion rather than the "widely held misconception" that the program will result in profit. Spitzer warns that TARP is "creating the same dangerous incentives that caused the [financial] crisis in the first place." Spitzer then calls out Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for his recent remarks in Portland, Ore.
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Boxing Bees By Hand

When a displaced colony of honey bees rally in an inconvenient place, two guys, without protective clothing of any kind, dump the entire hive in a cardboard box for relocation. With their hands.