Little Citizen: Daddy's Babydoll

Pequeno Cidado: Bonequinha do Papai

A vintage fashioned cartoon, an ode to vintage technology.

Music video by Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet at Birdo Studio.

Slow-Mo Falling Slinky

Veritasium demonstrates the beautiful and counterintuitive behavior of a falling slinky. Mike Wheatland of the University of Sydney shows his modeling of the phenomenon.

Slow motion photography courtesy of Questacon

La Queue de la Souris

La Queue de la Souris (or The Mouse Tail) is the classic story of the food chain, and picking on those smaller than yourself. A little field mouse comes across a big, ferocious lion but instead of becoming dinner, he makes a bargain with him: He'll find him another more appetizing meal instead. I loved the simple color scheme, and angular style. It's the perfect example of "less is more".

The Terms

Some family feuds are easily settled. Others require extreme terms.

Based on the short story by Irish writer Mike McCormack.

Writer/director - Jason LaMotte / Producer - Allon Wechsler / Cinematographer - Lee Pulbrook / Production Designer - Tony Noble / Editor - Paul Trewartha

Original music - David Benjamin Steinberg

How to Build a Human: The Secret of Sex

Broadcast (2005) The twenty-first century will be shaped by a revolution in biology that will enable us to read the genetic code of life as easily as we would read a book. We have gained the power to control the destiny of our species and the ability to manipulate and build humans at will. This fascinating new series will take us on an incredible journey into the future of being, and give a glimpse of things to come in the new age.

The secret of sex

Before science put it under microscope, sex was a simple, uncomplicated thing. You could not build humans without it. All you needed was a man, a woman, a liberal sprinkling of lust and Mother Nature did the rest. But is that now a terribly old-fasioned way of making new human? In the future we'll able to build humans in tanks, make copies of ourselves in labs and even have the power to change the course of our genetic destiny by turning women into men. If kissing is nothing more than a way of sniffing out compatible genes, what is the point of sex, and will it ever be the same again?

Kumar: A True Film About a False Prophet

American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi made up a guru character and a phony religion, then filmed a documentary as he developed a following. The result raises questions about belief and self

Ted Talks: David R. Dow: Lessons from Death Row Inmates

What happens before a murder? In looking for ways to reduce death penalty cases, David R. Dow realized that a surprising number of death row inmates had similar biographies. In this talk he proposes a bold plan, one that prevents murders in the first place. (Filmed at TEDxAustin.)

Comparative Anatomy: What Makes Us Animals

CrashCourse Biology #21

Hank introduces us to comparative anatomy, which studies the similarities and differences in animal anatomy to support the theory of evolution and the shared ancestry of living things.

Horizon: Solar Storms, the Threat to Earth

There is a new kind of weather to worry about, and it comes from our nearest star.

Scientists are expecting a fit of violent activity on the sun which will propel billions of tonnes of superheated gas and pulses of energy towards our planet. They have the power to close down our modern technological civilisation - e.g. in 1989, a solar storm cut off the power to the Canadian city of Quebec.

Horizon meets the space weathermen who are trying to predict what is coming our way, and organistions like the National Grid, who are preparing for the impending solar storms.