Every Force in Nature Pt III

In which we explain economic equilibrium, how to make money from nothing, and every fundamental force in physics.

If you'd like to read a (very) rigorous description of gauge theory in economics, check out this paper by Lee Smolin: http://arxiv.org/pdf/0902.4274v1.pdf

And if you're an economist rather than a physicist, check out "The Index Number Problem: A Differential Geometric Approach" by Pia Malaney: http://bit.ly/JKS5lh

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The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off (Jonny Kennedy) 3/5

Jonny Kennedy died in 2003, aged 36. He had a terrible genetic condition called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) -- which meant that his skin literally fell off at the slightest touch, leaving his body covered in agonising sores and leading to a final fight against skin cancer.

In his last months, Jonny decided to work with filmmaker Patrick Collerton to document his life and death, and the result was a film, first broadcast in March 2004, that was an uplifting, confounding and provocatively humorous story of a singular man. Not shying away from the grim reality of EB, the film was also a celebration of a life lived to the full.

When it was first shown, The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off captivated nearly 5 million viewers and helped to raise 500,000 for the EB charity DebRA. Channel 4 is re-screening the film and re-visiting Jonny's family to see how they have come to terms with his death and the public's reaction to the film.

Jonny was frank about his feelings on his upcoming death and practical about the arrangements. The film featured moving interviews with his friends and family, including his mother Edna, who had been his life-long carer and faced the prospect of Jonny's death with disarming mixed feelings, torn between relief for Jonny and knowing that she would miss him desperately.

Animal Olympians: Gymnastics

The desert sands of Namibia are home to a remarkable miniature acrobat. The Golden wheel spider turns on a performance that rivals the tumbling floor routine of any gymnast.

Disco the Parakeet Talks

Disco saying a little bit of everything, including "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto." Join Disco on Facebook - Disco the Parakeet - and/or follow him on Twitter @DiscoParakeet.

Sigur Rs - g anda

Choking hazard!

Sigur Rs 'Valtari' Mystery Film Experiment: a series of 12 films is launched today with a film to the track the song "g anda" from Ragnar Kjartansson.

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

This is a rare to see eclipse. The moon will cross in front of the sun not totally blocking out the sun.The sun will be like a ring of fire around the moon.

Amnesty International: Behnoud

An animated short commissioned through Guardian Films, as part of Amnesty Internationals work to stop the use of the death penalty worldwide. The screen play is based on an interview with Mohammad Mostafaei, an Iranian lawyer, where he recounts his attempt to prevent the execution of Behnoud Shojaee. amnesty.org.uk/deathpenalty

actor Paul Bettany provides the voice over

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic?


Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson claims the title "scientist" above all other "ists." And yet, he says he is "constantly claimed by atheists." So where does he stand? "Neil deGrasse, widely claimed by atheists, is actually an agnostic."

Directed / Produced by

Elizabeth Rodd and Jonathan Fowler

First Flying Platform: 1955 Hover Board

Flying Platform. US Navy demonstrates its Flying Platform in 1955, a "flying skateboard" or "hover board" vehicle that uses a direct lift rotor aircraft, using contra-rotating ducted fans controlled by the pilot shifting his body weight around to tilt the platform.

Although it looked like it could have been a massive development [and a great way for us to beat the traffic to work] sadly development ceased because the U.S. Army judged them to be impractical as combat vehicles as they were small, limited in speed and only barely flew out of the ground cushion effect.

Eye Of The Panda

The latest video by JuBaFilms (Julien Bam and Gong Bao) featuring their unique brand of dance-fight choreography (with a pinch of humor).

Attenborough: Ducks Diving for Mussels

In the Arctic circle, ducks take advantage of permanent holes in the sea ice, fighting the fierce ocean currents to dive 10 metres down and reach the rich layer of mussels that populate the sea floor. Beautiful underwater filming from BBC natural history masterpiece, Planet Earth.

Cocaine Unwrapped: The Machine

Snort a line of cocaine and you're fueling the machine...

Anti-drug social campaign created by Leo Burnett London, produced by Stink and directed by Tomek Baginski at Platige Images.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awarness of the impact that cocaine production has on people across the world. Different places, different people and different situations all have the common element... cocaine chain of production.