Soupe Opera

Your mother kept telling you not to play with your food, but did you listen? According to the comments at YouTube, this was played on kids television sometime in the '90s, but no one remembers the name of the show.

Tim James: American English (Satire)

Hi, I'm Tim James. Last week, I told you about the importance of speaking English in America. Now please enjoy this new message from me, Tim James, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama.

[Produced by Lucas Kavner and Hunter Stuart]

Vi Hart: Are Shakespeare's Plays Encoded within Pi?

Happy pi day! (3.14)

Vi Hart discusses whether pi is a normal number.

This cool website lets you search the first 200,000,000 digits of Pi. See if your phone number or encoded name is in there!


Taking cues from their owners ocarina whistles, a pair of Golden Retrievers play the Flea Waltz on a custom-made puppy piano.

Willy Wonka: You Get Nothing

Grandpa Joe and Charlie wonder when they're gonna get a lifetime supply of chocolate. Without skipping a beat, Willy Wonka tells them both exactly what they're gonna get.

Golden Crocoduck nominees 2012 (Pt 1)

Here are three nominees for the 2012 coveted Golden Crocoduck. Please don't ask how you can vote -- voting begins in October and details will be announced in a video at that time.

All three videos shown here can be found in the nominees' playlist on my channel.

2:45 Fake skeletons shown at

2:55 Fake skeleton from Worth 1000

3:08 Hindu Voice story from

3:29 "Skeleton of Giant is Internet Hoax" - National Geographic, Dec 14 2007.

3:41 Worth1000 competition entry


5:05 "Fossilized" giant described at

8:06 onwards --

"Type V Collagen Controls the Initiation of Collagen

Fibril Assembly*

Richard J. Wenstrup et al., Aug 2004

"Collagen fibril formation"

Karl E. Kadler 1996

"Collagen fibril morphology and organization: Implications for force

transmission in ligament and tendon"

Paolo P. Provenzano 2005

"Extracellular Compartments in Tendon Morphogenesis:

Collagen Fibril, Bundle, and Macroaggregate Formation"

David E. Birk et al 1986

Clip of Jenna Bus from "Jenna Bush - Predator 2" on YouTube

For those not familiar with cockney rhyming slang:

Frog and toad = road

Jimmy riddle = piddle (urination)

Adam and Eve = believe

Porky pie = lie

The Unipiper

Darth Vader and the Imperial March on Bagpipes and Unicycle

Supermarket Chicken is actually Pork

BBC News reports.

That chicken youre eating... it aint chicken.

Perhaps everything tastes like chicken because the chicken you get in supermarkets has a little bit of every other animal in it. This is a BBC documentary, but I'm sure what they talk about holds true for every other country in the world.

Baby Bottleneck

A Bob Clampett directed Looney Tunes cartoon from 1946.

It's the start of the Baby-Boom, and the overworked delivery system is full of glitches: Mother Goose gets a baby skunk, a Scotty dog gets a little hippo, and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse wind up with a kitten. Porky and Daffy take over the Baby Factory and get things straightened out until an unidentified egg comes rolling down the assembly line.