Surviving Sid

Sid, the Sloth, takes a school of children out on a camping trip, only to find that in typical Sid style, he is not a very good guide.

Surviving Sid is a 2008 computer animated short film from Blue Sky Studios (20th Century Fox Animation) and distributed by HiT Entertainment, starring Sid the Sloth of Ice Age and a cameo appearance by Scrat. It is the third in the series of Ice Age short films.

David Attenborough's First Life

Travelling to the fog bound coastline of Newfoundland and the Australian outback, Attenborough unearths the earliest forms of animal life to exist on Earth.

These bizarre and wonderful creatures are brought to life with the help of cutting edge scientific technology and photorealistic visual effects.

From the first animal forms that moved to the first mouths that ate, these were creatures that evolved the traits and tools that allow all animals, including ourselves, to survive to this day.

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31 Jokes for Nerds!

In which Hank tells some seriously nerdy jokes. Harry Potter, theoretical physics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Chemistry, Engineering, Philosophy, Math, Computer's all fair game.

I chose 31 because I knew I wasn't going to hit 50 and I wanted to do a prime number.

Nerd Jokes in Your Pants:;=nerdy+jokes

I made this video before Humpy Hank became a thing...but something tells me that humpy hang is going to become more of a thing soon.

Other Jokes:

50 More Jokes:

50 Jokes in 4 Minutes: 50 Jokes:

Thanks to everyone who submitted (and continues to submit) jokes. It's been a long time since I've done one of these so I hope you enjoy it.

Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together

Great work by MadMixMustang (a Dutch mashup artist)

Music download link:

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls + The Beatles - Come Together

For more info see:

Shit Nobody Says

Phrases you will often never hear.

Created by Tripp and Tyler

Written by: Tripp Crosby, Tyler Stanton, The Wilsons

Produced by: Green Tricycle Studios

Directed by: anyone who felt like speaking up at the time

Total time spent on this video: 8 hours

Total amount of production value: 34

Awake for Brain Cancer Surgery

Imagine this. You're 28 years old, a successful lawyer with a promising career, and you're in a great relationship. It seems the whole world is opening up for you. Then you get the news. A diagnosis of brain cancer. That's what happened to the young woman you're about to meet. But Mary Meixner is a fighter. After an awake surgery during which doctors used an intra-operative MRI to target the tumor, she is winning her battle with brain cancer.

Pizza Boomerang: NSFW

Pizza Boomerang is an innovative throwing food; made with cheese, pepper and chorizo. NSFW

The Joy of Books

The magic begins after closing time at Type Books in Toronto. This video is brought to you by the same folks who did Organizing the Bookcase last year, with a lot of help from friends.