Nina Conti: Dance Moves

Nina Conti uses a mask to perform a ventriloquist act on a member of the audience on Russell Howards Good News Extra.

Be Yourself

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"The Muppet Show" Season 1 Crew Video 1976

A little bit of fun by the crew recorded at the end of the first series/season of The Muppet Show in 1976 (I joined ATV in 1977 during Season 2) ... I am not sure who was responsible for putting this together (I suspect Peter Harris had an input) but I'm sure someone will tell me.

The cast includes Peter Harris, Richard Holloway, Jim O'Donnell, Brian Grant, Steve Springford, Jerry Hoare, Phil Hawkes, Gerry Elms,John Rook, Martin Baker, Sue Boyers, Francis Essex, Dennis Bassinger, David Chandler, Bryan Holgate, Peter Milic, Claude Walters and the ladies from the Canteen.


John O'Brien

The Key to Media's Hidden Codes

Colors, camera angles and logos in the media can all prompt immediate associations with emotions, activities and memories. Learn to decode the intricate system of symbols that are a part of everyday life -- from media messages to traffic signs.

Do numbers exist? - Numberphile

An expert on the philosophy of mathematics, Dr Jonathan Tallant, outlines some of the key arguments about whether numbers are real features of the universe, exploring platonism, nominalism and fictionalism.

Jonathan works in the University of Nottingham's Philosophy Department.

Black Coffee

An animated short by Oskar De Rycker on the song "Black Coffee" by Patricia Kaas.

Inside The Actors Studio: George Carlin

George Carlin on Inside the Actors Studio

hosted by James Lipton

season 11, episode 4

original airdate 2004-10-31

i had to cut out all the movie bits because otherwise youtube would have blocked the video

This video does not belong to me and no copyright infringement is intended.

This video has been uploaded for educational end entertaining purposes only.

The video is owned by Bravo.

Of Souls + Water: The Mother

Do our mothers still have dreams, hopes and journeys to make? At age 67, Melody reflects on her life, her hopes, her failures and her dreams while exploring the magnificent waters and canyons of the Utah desert.

From, makers of the award-winning films Wild Water, Seasons, and Cold, comes the groundbreaking web series Of Souls + Water.

Presented By NRS and New Belgium Brewing Co.
Directed, Edited & Shot by Skip Armstrong
Produced by Anson Fogel
Assistant Director Thatcher Bean


Parliament of Owls - Flight in Motion

Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly

Media and Film Festival Enquiries

Jaime Keating -

Shigeto: Relentless Drag

A lonely machine goes on a desperate journey, his ever-growing burden the only hope for those he shelters.

Music: Relentless Drag by Shigeto


Dig is the story of a young boy who attempts the impossible: digging a hole to China! On his pursuit toward his lost love Sun on the other side of the world, Doug encounters three disgruntled puppets: Marvin the promiscuous Rabbit, Dr. Archibald Hayes the Worm, and Merlot the French Weasel. Each animal shares a loveless outlook on Dougs journey. Will love find a way? Find out!

Doug - Justin Tinucci
Sun - Eleanor Lee
Marvin the Rabbit - Jason Kelley
Merlot the Weasel - Jeff Marlow
Dr. Hayes the Worm - Gregory Giles

Writer / Director - Philip Hodges
Producer - Tyler Knell
Cinematographer - Raul B Fernandez
Production Designer - Heather Reese
Editor - Michael Lower
Sound Designer - Sung Rok Choi


Enter the dark mind of a nameless young boy as he dreams of his sister, who is deceased and stuck between this life and the next.