Live from Brother Earth

Overheating and fed up, Brother Earth delivers one final PSA to the people of the world. Climate change is fucking up his atmosphere, and he's not feeling it.

Starring Boots Riley and Josh Healey
Directed by Yvan Iturriaga
Written and Produced by Josh Healey
Co-Produced by Movement Generation

History's Worst Contraceptives, Ouch!

From the beginning of time, women have wanted to decide for themselves if and when to have children. As a result, they’ve endured some of history’s worst contraceptives. It’ll make you say, “Ewww.”

From Where's The Family Planning

Does Penis Size Matter?

Re: size and attractiveness, sexual Selection, female perception, penis size and vaginal orgasm.


Todd Glass Goes off on a Heckler

At City Hall Comedy Club, a drunk woman talked and yelled throughout the show. While Troy Conrad was onstage, Todd Glass politely asked the woman to shoosh. Her response to Todd was instant - to flip him off and ask "Who the fuck are you?"

The rest is gold.

Viral Video Generator

Danny lures Jeremy outside with the hopes of working on their nature documentary. Problems arise when Danny is busted for rooting through Jeremy's closet for the gear.

From ManBoobs Comedy