Black Holes: the Other Side of Infinity

Narrated by Academy-Award nominated actor Liam Neeson. RT 22:58. To be watched in HD and fullscreen.

Can you feel the pull? This cutting-edge production features high-resolution visualizations of black holes and other cosmic phenomena based on data generated by telescope observations and ultra-high end computer simulations.

Audiences will be dazzled with striking, immersive animations of the formation of the early universe, star birth and death, the collision of giant galaxies, and a simulated flight to a super-massive black hole lurking at the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

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Spin Around: Camera Taped to Broadsword

A crazy idea was born.

Early Sunday on Swordfish 2010 we got a crazy idea of duck-tape our GoPro Hero camera on the tip of the sword and do some swings to see how it looked.

We started slow just to see if the camera was holding together, then stepping it up.

All recording are done in real speed.

Marching Band Kicker

University of Hawaii Marching Band does a formation where a stick figure "kicks" a football.

Water to Ice in 90 Seconds in a Vacuum

This video will demonstrate how to make ice by boiling water using an Edwards vacuum pump in 90 seconds. Liquid boils when the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted on it. When pressure on a liquid is reduced the vapour pressure is also reduced and the boiling point drops.

Lewis Black: Red, White, and Screwed

Comedian, social commentator, and author Lewis Black brings his confrontational brand of take-no-prisoners humor to the Warner Theater in Washington D.C. in this, his second stand-up comedy special for HBO. With rants on everything from the State of the...

John Howe: On Drawing

John Howe, who's perhaps most famous for his Tolkien artwork, talks about 'the only thing he knows how to do'.

Banned Cartoons: The Old Plantation

Another super-rare MGM cartoon, with apologies for the classic ethnic stereotypes. Notice the Old Plantation Home looks suspiciously like Tara!