Bush Junior Defends Legacy in Memoirs

A Hong Kong Computer Animation: Former US president George W. Bush has released his new memoirs in which he talks about and defends key decisions made during his 8-year tenure in the White House. In the book the often controversial former leader talks about why he went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and his decision to authorize waterboarding.

The Sex in Japan (NSFW)

Not safe for work. BBC/Japan TV Documentary about sex in Japan.

Japanese culture has a very different take on sexual norms than western societies.

Through a Blue Lens

Constable Al Arsenault shows a slide of a wide-eyed 18-year-old girl taken outside a bar in downtown Vancouver. 'Does she look like a drug addict?' he asks a class of high-school students.

When they answer no, the officer shows them the next slide of the same girl, Shannon, six months later. Her face is bruised and covered in festering sores. 'She's on the needle. She didn't know she had an 'addictive personality'. She does now.' The students express their shock and disbelief.

Arsenault, along with six other policemen, began video-documenting the people on their beat to create a powerful educational tool to help prevent drug use among young people. This unique group of officers, who formed a non-profit group dubbed the Odd Squad, resulted in an unusual relationship between the police and addicts in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Through a Blue Lens tells this moving and compassionate story. In this documentary, addicts talk openly about how they got to the streets. Through their participation in this video, they want to stop others from joining their nightmare.

OK Go: Last Leaf

Music video for the OK Go song, Last Leaf.

Animation art by Geoff Mcfetridge, Champion Studio

Joad Cressbeckler: Wrath-Minded Taters

Joad Cressbeckler Fears Genetic Modification Causes 'Wrath-Minded Taters'.

Onion News Network pundit Joad Cressbeckler warns Americans that genetically modifying crops may have dangerous consequences.

How Donald Shoup Will Find You a Parking Spot

Can't find curb-side parking? UCLA economist Donald Shoup can find you a space.

Professor Shoup is the author of The High Cost of Free Parking, and points out that, "just because the driver doesn't pay for parking doesn't mean the cost goes away."

In addition to making it harder to find a spot when you need one, "free" parking exacerbates other problems, from pollution to traffic congestion. Using the power of market pricing, Shoup explains how to fix the parking mess in three steps.

Cities from San Fransisco to Washington, DC are already adopting Shoup's reforms.

Approximately 7:00 minutes.

Interview and editing: Paul Detrick. Camera: Hawk Jensen.

How Did Wolves Evolve Into Dogs?

Biologists discover that curiosity stands out as the main difference between the domesticated dog and the wolf.

Natural selection versus artificial selective breeding. Creationists, your response?


Tim and Tom are two friends, separated by a mysterious force. Will they ever get to meet? Animated short by Romain Segaud.

Dandelion Time Lapse

Time lapse dandelion flower to seed head /dandelion clock filmed continuously over a period of one month.

Intervals between 5-45 minutes.

Aphids continue to feed on the dandelion whilst the seeds mature.

Dandelion are considered a weed, though I think they are very beautiful.

Music is called Attrition

Filmed by Neil Bromhall

copyright www.complete-gardens.co.uk

Nikon D200 with 55mm lens with growlight and studio flash.