Atlantic (Park Films 2008)

Poignant, atmospheric short short film about a lonely Irish farmer and the letter on its way across the Atlantic from a woman he once knew.

Winner, Grand Prix, Tres Court Film Festival, Paris

Winner, Best Very Short, Sapporo Shortfest, Japan

Winner, Best Short Short, Lago Film Festival, Italy

Highly Commended, TCM Classic Shorts

NOVA scienceNOW: Dolphin Reading Testing The ability to read is not just limited to humans. The trainers at Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences in Honduras have trained their dolphins to read two-dimensional symbols as commands. In this video, watch as the pupil, a dolphin named Cedana, puts her reading skills to the tests.

Kanadian Korner: Doug's Earmuffs

Doug misses the start of the show because his earmuffs are on. [Great White North]

Bob Mckenzie - Rick Moranis; Doug Mckenzie - Dave Thomas

The Sex Life of Robots (NSFW)

Weird stop-motion smut created by Michael Sullivan. Dirty, but awesomely creative. The clip is from a British TV show called 'Disinformation' that didn't really go anywhere.

Benny Goodman: All the Cats Join in

All The Cats Join In (Cartoon)
Date: 1946
Music: Benny Goodman & the Pied Pipers - All the Cats Join In
made by Disney, August 15, 1946. (Mickey's Mouse Tracks : Episode 23)

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia

Jeremy Snell: This is a short film I shot while in Ethiopia this summer. It is an attempt to portray some of the poverty and injustice in Africa and provide a window into a world unknown to most people.

The world is broken. It breaks my heart seeing all the needs and hurts of this world. However, we are responsible for what we have seen. We need to live everyday in awareness of this fact.


The dump in the film is located in Korah, one of the poorest slum areas in all of Addis. It was once considered the outskirts of the city and was the place where all the outcasts (the sick, lepers, homeless, and unwanted) resided. The women and children who are picking trash sell each bag for roughly 3 burr, which is equivalent to 25 cents. Some of them even live in cardboard houses on the dump.

All the men and women who were weaving in the film were in a leprosy hospital. The hospital was funded by an organization called ALERT. ALERT provides one of the only hospitals in Ethiopia that performs surgery for impairments caused by leprosy. They also help develop skills and provide jobs to those affected by leprosy. These people were making rugs and garments to sell at markets.


An exploration a young man's thought process as he makes love to his girlfriend, and how a person's upbringing can affect him/her in many ways.

Programmer's Note: Rashaad Ernesto Green's 'Choices' premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in the form of the short short. 'Choices' juxtaposes sensuality and the intellect as it reveals a man's psyche during an intimate moment. A Bronx native and former actor who received his MFA from NYU's Graduate Film Program, Green explores issues of masculinity, identity, and family in his work. His award-winning short films 'Premature' and 'Cuts' have screened at festivals around the world and aired on HBO. Green returns to Park City with his first feature film, 'Gun Hill Road' ( ), which is in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.


Actors: Alberthe Skovborg Hansen, Frederik Knuth-Winterfeldt, Julie Skibelund Schou

Producers: Tobias Gundorff Boesen, Andreas Berg

Direction & Story: Tobias Gundorff Boesen

DOP: Andreas Berg

Lighting: Mikkel Sigsgaard

Assistants: Anton Iversen, Jesper Karstensen

Sound Design: Thomas Arent Andersen

Editing: Sara Bgh

Post & Artdirection: Tobias Gundorff Boesen