Minuscule: Paranoia Halloween

A timid millipede discovers more to be afraid of than his own shadow in this spooky stop animation film.

Duration: 4:51

Published: 2008-11-15

Snuggly the Wiretap Friendly Bear

Snuggly the Security Bear is back! This time he's updating you on Internet privacy and other civil liberty fun. See what happens when you're perfectly safe and secure! A Mark Fiore political animation.

Top Gear - Spyker Car Review

Great supercar car review! The Top Gear team review the Spyker C8. Jeremy Clarkson tests drives it and scrutinises the cool design by the revived Dutch company.

Sam Harris vs. Rabbi David Wolpe

A particularly entertaining four minute excerpt of a debate between Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe. November 6, 2007 hosted by the American Jewish University.

Full debate in ten minute chunks:


The excerpt is found in part iwPcmX0uHh8 at 1:00.

Time Traveller Caught On 1928 Film

Footage found in a 1928 film of a large woman dressed in black holding and talking into what appears to be a mobile phone. From the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's motion picture, "The Circus."

Golden Crocoduck Awards 2010

Potholer awards the coveted Golden Crocoduck for 2010. The award is given every year on the feast day of St Jude Thaddeus (Patron Saint of Lost Causes), October 28, for the biggest breach of the Ninth Commandment in the pursuit of the creationist cause.

Past winners: Kent Hovind 2008, Ray Comfort 2009.

The Devils: Final Scene

Taken from the harrowing final moments of Ken Russell's "The Devils (1971). The falsely accused Father Grandier remains defiant until the end.

One of Oliver Reed's greatest performances.

Warning: Viewer caution advised.