Discovering a New Manta Ray

Andrea Marshall talks to us about discovering a second species of giant manta ray. Working from a remote part of Mozambique for the last five years she has come across a discovery which changes the way we see giant mantas completely.

Drillbithead and the Misleading Breeze

David Firth's latest surreal creation, Drillbithead attempts to answer the question "Do the buildings still argue?" This week Drillbithead tries to stop the tittle tattle on the Breeze.

Slow Snow: Moscow, 2010

Snow in slow motion. Moscow - 2010.
Camera and montage - Andrey Stvolinsky
Music - Cinematic Orchestra

Population 7 Billion: Kinetic Typography

This short animation made by National Geographic shows us some pretty interesting things as our global population is on the verge of crossing 7 billion. And it's done really well. What can't kinetic type teach us? Nothing, I say.

Star Trek: The Sexed Generation

This is an expansion of a short set of clips that Gene Roddenberry had put together after the second season, that set was just about 2 minutes and mostly bloopers, but the few suggestive shots were enough to make me wonder what a full version would look like, so enjoy!

The Green Lake in Austria

The Green Lake in Austria is actually a small valley filled with freshwater during the snow melt from May to July. It is located in Trag, Styria, which sits at the foot of snow-capped Hochschwab mountains.