Training Tea Party Activists in Guerilla Internet Tactics

This clip shows Austin James of American Majority training tea party activists on guerrilla internet tactics to "control the online dialogue". The footage was shot at the 2009 American Liberty Tour, run by a group of libertarian groups tied to real-estate mogul and Koch associate Howie Rich. The clip is taken from a section of the film showing how libertarian/free-market groups are recruiting tea party protestors into their cause.

Swedish Tequila Suicide


1 glass Tequila


2 l pieces of lemons

Snort salt take a big tequila take the lemons and rub on the eyes them slam your head on the table.

Cable Complaint, NSFW

This profanity-laden rant from an extremely unhappy Canadian cable subscriber went viral via cassette tape and entertained junior-high-schoolers for years. Warning: LOTS of swearing.

Le Royaume (The Kingdom)

"Le Royaume" (The king and the Beaver), Student graduating film 2010 at Gobelins, L'cole de l'image.

Writted, directed and animated by Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouachria, Julien Chheng, Sbastien Hary, Aymeric Kevin, Ulysse Malassagne & Franck Monier.

Music by Mathieu Alvado.

Dizzy Gillespie 1978

Dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzzzzzz dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy..............

(with a very young Rodney Jones on guitar)

TreT: Parkour Dog

TreT is a dog from the Ukraine with skilled in the art of Pakour.

Mailmen beware.

Disney: Spoof of '50s Pulp Science Fiction

This is an excerpt from Disney's Mars and Beyond science show from 1957. It's an animated spoof of the pulp science fiction of the day, with the most generic, yet recognizable plot points around!

Third in a series that Disney did with Werner von Braun in the 50s. Man in Space is the first, and Man on the Moon is the second.

Merrie Melodies: Pigs is Pigs

Remember when Homer Simpson was sent to Hell and strapped into a force-feeding donut machine? Well, this golden oldie Merrie Melodies from 1937 is sort of like that.

Ghostly Critters: Cirrate Octopus

This lovely orange Cirrate octopus appears to be the long-lost love child of a sock puppet and a dance recital costume. Filmed in the Taney Seamounts, west of San Francisco, it's part of a branch of the octopus family that is very elusivepreferring deep, dark waters far from the coastlinevery rarethey only make up about 15% of all octopus speciesand very, very old. In fact, what is thought to be the oldest octopus fossil yet found is a cirrate, dating around 296 million years old.

Cirrate octopuses are also very weird. We don't know a whole lot about their anatomy and physiology, but we do know that they lack "typical" octopus features, like ink sacs and the ability to move around by jet propulsion. Instead, cirrates swim using those fins on the sides of their heads. As for the eponymous "cirra", those are little filaments, similar to the cilia that line your nose, which are paired up with every sucker on a Cirrate octopus' arm. Nobody knows exactly what they do, but they may be involved, somehow, in trapping and handling of food.

Never-Before-Seen Rick Scott Deposition Video

Here is never-before-seen footage of Rick Scott during a deposition in an anti-trust lawsuit against his former company Columbia/HCA Health. Scott's company was fined a record $1.7 billion on charges of Medicare fraud. Despite being a lawyer and being CEO of one of the nation's largest hospital chains, Scott evades answers to even the most basic questions. If Scott won't answer questions when under oath, how can we expect him to be honest with us?

The Length Of Manhattan

Production Company: Park Pictures Visual Effects: ARTJAIL Flame Artists: Steve Mottershead, Graham Holly Editor: Ashley Kreamer via Final Cut NY