Gaults Gettysburg

Just in time for mid-term elections, directors Adam Gault and Stefanie Augustine revisit Abraham Lincolns most famous speech in this animated short read by Mitch Rapoport. Sound design by Chris Villepigue and additional animation by Carlo Vega.

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves

Science@NASA: EMS Electromagnetic Spectrum (Episode 3) - Microwaves

Electromagnetic radiation which has a longer wavelength (between 1 mm and 30 cm) than visible light. Microwaves can be used to study the Universe, communicate with satellites in Earth orbit, and cook popcorn.

MakerLegoBot: 3D Lego Printer

The MakerLegoBot can print 3D Lego models, using standard Lego bricks. In this video, a simple Lego house is printed from an MLCad model on a computer. The robot uses 3 Mindstorm NXT robot brick's and 9 motors.

Iran Infuriated by Film of Woman's Stoning

October 15, 2010 on Sky News:

A film portraying the real-life stoning of an Iranian woman is opening in London despite protests from the country's government.

It depicts a brutal form of punishment still sanctioned by Iran's current hard-line regime.

The film's director claims some European governments have been reluctant to support it - fearful of antagonising Iran's regime, already at loggerheads with the West.

Nick Swardson: Drunk Chicks

Drunk chicks are the best, because they always start out so cocky, but eventually you get the drunk chick spiral.