Tax Funded Bible Theme Park

January 27, 2011 on CNN. Democratic Kentucky Governor in favor of assisting a Creationist theme park. CNN analysts Ken Ham & Rev. Barry Lynn join Anderson Cooper.

John Oliver Pitches BBC America

This ad is found at the beginning of American versions of DVDs from the BBC.

You think it's an anti-piracy warning, but it turns into a friendly ad for the TV network. Of course, the required amount of British humor is included.

Voice over by John Oliver.

Dick Figures: OMG

Red and Blue will plant this episode in your subconscious and then cover it in their own fertilizer. Dick Figures was created by Ed Skudder, who wrote, directed and voiced the episode along with Zack Keller.

The Bead Game

Bead Game is a 1977 animated short film by Ishu Patel. Jnan Prakash Ghosh provides music for the 5 min 35 second film, which was produced at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

Leonhard & Janet's Story

A Film by Mike Clear, Ben Harrex & Rob Hughes, United Kingdom. Grand Winner of the 2010 Framepool / LBBOnline / Fireflies Challenge.


The challenge was simple: We invited international Filmmakers to produce shortfilms from 3 seconds to 3 minutes long showing the meaning of COURAGE in its widest form.

The entries (over 40 shortfilms from all over the world) were judged by the hottest and most renowned jurors in the advertising world.

The Jury picked a shortlist, containing the 3 prize winning films as well as the 7 finalists.

The award-show's premiere took place during the Cannes Lions 2010 Advertising Festival at Courage Beach. Meanwhile the shortlist has been screened in Munich, London and Moscow. Further international screenings are coming up.

For details please visit the site or

The High Level Bridge

Sundance Film Festival 2011.

by Trevor Anderson.

A documentary about the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Jerry the Great

Jerry hatches a plot to take over the world with his side kick George. But in the end, Jerry wants to take all the spoils for himself while leaving George out to dry.

Top Gear: VW Beetle vs Porsche

Richard Hammond races against the VW Beetle for a mile in a Porsche 911, but with an exciting difference. The VW is dropped by a helicopter.

NewsRadio, The Cane

Clips from Season 2, Episode 8 of NewsRadio

Bill (Phil Hartman) buys a cane at an antique store for attention.

Uphold Your Religious Convictions?

BBC1 23 January 2011

Bristol gay couple win Cornwall B&B; bed ban case