Gilda Radner's Audition

In 1979, Radner appeared on Broadway in a successful one-woman show entitled Gilda Radner - Live From New York. This is from that show. The show featured racier material, such as the song Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals. In 1981, the show was filmed as Gilda Live!, co-starring Paul Shaffer and Don Novello, and was released as a film and an album recording.

Super Troopers: Meow

Do you see me jumping all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree?

From the movie Super Troopers.

Chris Conforti: Frog

A frog seeks to escape the grueling summer sun. Fortunately, he finds a swimming pool of cool water. Or, perhaps not.

The Experience Clip (Voodoo Child)

Here is the first video clip from the Pirates Ppres Pictures, based on the song "Voodoo Child". Several animation types are used in this tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

As done before in Disney's "Fantasia", sounds and pictures are deeply linked to try a brand new visual interpretation.

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Cardinal Burns: Banksy

For the first time ever, Banksy reveals himself to the public and gives us an exciting glimpse into his day to day life.

Search for Threatening Asteroids

What is the true long-term threat of Near Earth Objects? NASA defines "potentially hazardous" as a Near Earth Object that will pass within .05 AU from Earth and is at least 140 meters in diameter. (

But consider the damage left by a 30-meter object in the famed Siberian impact of 1908:

"Recent scientific studies by meteorite researcher Christopher Chyba have estimated that the Tunguska event may have been caused by the explosion of a stony meteroid about 30 meters in diameter traveling at about 15 km/s. Compare the energy released by such an object with that of an atomic bomb such as those dropped on Japan in World War II."


The truth is no one really knows how many asteroids this size or larger are out there. According to NASA sources, the population breaks down as follows:

100 meters in diameter: 300,000

500 meters in diameter: 10,000

Over one kilometer in diameter: 500-1,000

The good news is that eight projects are at work to search for them, including NASA's NEO-Wise space telescope, and more are coming on line soon. The bad news is that fewer than 8,000 of these have been discovered so far.

Berkeley Bionics: Introducing eLEGS

On Oct. 7, 2010, we unveiled eLEGS, an exoskeleton for wheelchair users who are committed to living life to its fullest. It powers you up to get you standing and walking.

Numberwang Board Game

Do you sometimes wish you could play Numberwang at home without the risk of going to jail?

From That Mitchell & Webb Look