Religion  The Bad Parent

In this final appendix to the TA series, I present my fundamental problem with religion .... the Parent-Child relationship gone bad.

Ricky Gervais on Noah

From the 2010 live show "Science", Ricky Gervais questions the credibility of the story of Noah.

WYOTK: Spelling Matters

Is spelling irrelevant? Is letter placement overrated? We got an email that says it is.

From What You Ought to Know.

Susquehanna Hat Co

An Abbott and Costello CLASSIC. Right?? up there with WHO's ON FIRST!!


Dogs are Awesome TOO!

HD version finally here. (Change your settings above where it says 360p)


Sir Simon Rattle - O Fortuna

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile

Video selections:

1. Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

2. Captain the Wonder Dog

3. Climbing Dog

4. Dog attack Shark

5. The Strongest Dog of the World (Kurdish Kangal Dog)

6. Extreme Pete dog skateboarding

7. Dog pulls Boy off Rope Swing

8. Dogs cliff jump too!!

9. Me riding my 125 lb german shepherd (dogback riding)

10. independents day movie: insane dog jump

11. Extreme vertical: Dock Dogs competition --OUTDOOR CHANNEL

12. Dog Backflips

13. jumping fire dog!!

14. crazy police dogs

15. Amazing backfliping poodle!!! WOW

16. dog vs. moutain lion - who will win?

17.Time Warp - Dog Catches Hot Dog

18. Japanarama Clip Dalmatian Riding a Bike


20. All About Airplanes _ Flying Machines

21. FLYING DOG The Matrix puppy defying gravity space time

22. Flying Dog Jumping of 15 foot dock in Texas

23. Two-legged Dog Dominic - Even More Amazing!

24. tree climbing dog

25. Dog drives Car

26. Big jump Pit Bull

27. Naxos_ crazy dog.

28. Amazing Dog Frisbee Jump Catch Splash

29. Time Warp - Dog Shake Short

30. Bruno Walks up Stairs - Chicago Dog Trainer - Dynamic Dogs

31. dog jumps off eiffel tower

32. Cool dog mowing lawn

33. Captain Swimming the length of the pool

34. flying dog

35. Gliding Pitbull

36. Dog in Halfpipe --EXTREME PETE

37. Best "Dog climbing fence" video ever

38. Dog goes fishing

39. Time Warp - Dog Drinking


41. Biscuit the Climbing dog FRONT RANGE FREAKS

42. The Trampoline dog

43. Husky Dog Talking - "I love you"

Inside Wikileaks Fortified, Nuke-Proof Bunker

If Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is trying to turn himself into a Bond villain, he's succeeded: the ongoing distributed denial of service attack against Wikileaks has forced his minions to move the site to a fortified data center encased in a cold war-era, nuke-proof bunker encased in bedrock. Really.

The host is called Bahnhof, and considering that the attacks against Wikileaks already forced its original host, PRG, to boot the site, and its second host,, to bow to political pressure to do the same, one wonders why Swedish Bahnhof would take on the challenge of hosting a site that will probably be under permanent attack for the foreseeable future.

Unless it's for the PR value: Bahnhof has hosted Wikileaks before. In which case, let the gallery begin.

Flickr user Antony Antony had a chance to take pictures inside the Bahnhof data center despite its usual no-pictures policy. All the images that follow are creative commons licensed by him: