Ballyvaughan Story

Animated documentary about the Irish War of Independence. Winner of Best Animated Film at LA Femme Festival 2006.

Pilobolus Royal Variety Performance

A very different type of Dancing routine performed before HM The Queen at the 2009 Royal Variety Peromance in Blackpool. Sticks of Rocks were given free.


A strange forest creature trying to find his own place on the food cycle.

Huge solar prominence caught by NASA's SDO

This huge eruption of gas on the Sun was seen by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on April 19, 2010. The gas follows the Sun's magnetic field lines, bursting upwards and then raining back down. The scale of this is vast: the Earth could nestle comfortably under the arc of this prominence.

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Don Martin: Expander

Don Martin from Mad Magazine, muscles on the beach. A quick hitter. A guilty pleasure to enjoy this stupidity.