Amateur Hoop dancing

This is a hoop dance video I created about two years ago, when I first began hooping.

The track is called Dubuasca (with kang) by Lorin Bassnector.

Merry Xmas from MilkandCookies

My cat put us up to this. She was getting ready all morning: running her lines, hair and makeup, pacing. What a DIVA!

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Jaxon Brooks and family Admin

Marx Brothers: Sanity Clause

Groucho and Chico in this short segment from "A Night at the Opera".

Groucho, as the agent and Chico as the manager go through all of the clauses in the contract and rip out every one that they don't like. And when they get to the end...

The Art of Exoplanets

While astronomers have identified over 500 planets around other stars, theyre all too small and distant to fill even a single

pixel in our most powerful telescopes. Thats why science must rely on art to help us imagine these strange new worlds. Even without pictures of these exoplanets, astronomers have learned many things that can be illustrated in artwork. For instance,

measurements of the temperatures of many Hot Jupiters, massive worlds orbiting very close to their stars, hint that their atmospheres may be as dark as soot, glowing only from their own heat. While Hot Jupiters would be relatively dark in visible light, compared to their stars, their brightness is proportionally much greater in the infrared. Illustrating this dramatic contrast change helps explain why the infrared eye of NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope plays a key role in studying exoplanets.

Bedtime for Sniffles

Sniffles tries to stay awake Christmas Eve so he can see Santa.

A first for a Warner Bros cartoon: No fighting or violence within.