Shredding Against the World: The Making of All this Mayhem

“There is only so much loss that someone can have until you realize that there’s more to life than just pleasure.” – Tas Pappas

All This Mayhem tells the story of Tas and Ben Pappas, their rise to skateboarding prominence – and their devastating fall. In this short film we get behind the scenes with Tas, director Eddie Martin and producers George Pank and James Gay Rees who wax nostalgically for a time when “skateboarding was populated by gnarly men and colourful characters.”

Eddie speaks about the vast amount of archive used in All This Mayhem, from a time when camcorders and video recording were heavily engrained in skate culture. The message is clear: this isn’t a sensationalised piece about being a rockstar, it’s real and raw, with a lot of emotion behind it.

From Vice

Scottish Insults

Erse like a bag o' washing - Arse like a bag of washing
Awa' n bile yer heid - Away and boil your head
Face like a skelpt erse - Face like a slapped arse
Get it up ye - get it up you
Yer maw's got baws n yer da' loves it - Your mum has testicles and your dad loves it
Shut yer geggie - Shut your mouth