New Macbook New Charger

We can make a computer fit in an envelope, but I guess we’re still working out the kinks on the charger.

From College Humor

Conan: Interview Norm MacDonald, 1996

Not so much an interview as Norm telling a joke about his new neighbor. Aired October 9th, 1996 [Check out new full 12min interview May 1996.

From Conan O'Brien

Nightly Show : Gay vs. Green

America takes a drunk and disorderly approach to the holidays, and David Smithyman investigates anti-gay discrimination at New York City's Saint Patrick's Day parade.

From The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Eugene Levy is up Schitt's Creek

Eugene Levy talks to Jimmy about his CBC comedy, Schitt's Creek, and the story behind the network-unfriendly titled sitcom.

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Daily Show: Hatewatching Fuckery ft Jon Stewart

A bipartisan human trafficking bill gets stuck in the Senate because Republicans slip in some anti-abortion language that Democrats failed to notice in time.

From The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Reggae Shark

Gather round and listen to the "tail" of the misunderstood Reggae Shark.

From Key of Awesome

John Oliver: The NCAA Cluster Fuck

The NCAA doesn’t pay athletes because they consider them amateurs.
The NCAA considers them amateurs because they don’t get paid.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver