Fuck Steve Urklel: Key & Peele

At a meeting in 1997, an irate Reginald VelJohnson complains about the ways "Family Matters" has changed since Urkel became part of the show.

From Key & Peele

Street Fight Challenge: Head Movement

You can learn how to win a street fight simply by learning how to move your head! If you make your opponent miss, you stay safe and he gets tired... then it becomes easy to win a street fight.

Ben Affleck vs Bill Maher Battle over Radical Islam

Ben Affleck, Bill Maher, Nicholas Kristol, Michael Steele, and author Sam Harris got into what could only be described as a tumultuous continuation of Maher’s comments on Islam from last week, with Maher and Affleck tearing into each other over the influence of fundamentalists in the Muslim community.

From Real Time with Bill Maher

Lone Ravens Fan Trolls a Sea of Browns Fans

Celebrating your team's touchdown with your rival's fans. Priceless.

Fine trolling by a Baltimore Ravens Fan at a Cleveland Browns NFL game. Ravens score a touchdown and hilariousness ensues.