Matrix Fight Scene with and 8-bit Sound Track

Can you take a fight scene from The Matrix: Reloaded seriously if Keanu Reeves sounds like Mario every time he jumps up to kick someone in the head?

Phillip Raupach replaced the sound track to this wire-work-laden fight scene from The Matrix: ReloadedInstead he used chiptune music from Nintendo Entertainment System-era games.

From Phillip Raupach

Catie Wayne (Boxxy) Rages over Pony Inequity

Catie Wayne, aka Boxxy, goes on an epic rant about the arc of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where Twilight Sparkle levels up to Princess while everyone else, who is just as amazon, never gets to.

ponies are srs bsns. aka watch catie rage about ponies for 13 minutes and 15 seconds. :/

From Catherine Wayne, aka ANewHopeee, aka Boxxybabee aka bodaciousboxxy.

Ron Funches: Dream Boards an Weed

Comedian Ron Funches performs jokes about summertime in New York, his anxiety and his stance on twins. 

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

That Time Chris Pratt Showed his Penis to Amy Poehler

On the set of Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are supposed to be surprised by Chris Pratt's character showing up naked. Despite several takes, it just wasn't working. So Chris Pratt decided to go Method and show up actually naked.

Chris was told that nudity is forbidden on the job.

From Late Night with Seth Meyers