HBO: Right America Feeling Wronged

On the day Barack Obama was elected the 44th President, more than 58 million voters cast their ballots for John McCain. In the months leading up to this historic election, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (HBO's Emmy-winning "Journeys with George") took a road trip to meet some of the conservative Americans who waited in line for hours to support the GOP ticket, and saw their hopes and dreams evaporate in the wake of that Democratic victory. These voters share their feelings about the changing America in which they live.

Nat'l Geographic: Self-Recognition in Apes

Apes: more alike than different. Researchers set up tests to show that great apes can recognize themselves in the mirror. Human Ape : MON MARCH 17 8P et/pt :


An animated short by ghOst Productions.

"We built this reel from the ground up to showcase the talents of ghOst Productions at the 2009 American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons in Las Vegas. Instead of showing pre-existing client work in our reel, we thought it would be more fun to make a character animation, break nearly every bone in his body and then surgically repair him in under 3 minutes."

DOCTalk: A Time for Burning

1966 Academy Award nominated documentary film which explores the attempts of the minister of Augustana Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska, to persuade his all-white congregation to reach out to Negro Lutherans in the city's north side. The film was directed by San Francisco filmmaker William C. Jersey and was nominated as Best Documentary Feature in the 1968 Academy Awards. On 2005, A Time for Burning was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

RT 26:41.

Persian Bruce Lee

Edward Petrossi defended himself and the store he worked at from young Corey Alle Funk, a 'would be' robber.


Internet-accessible adult films and modern civilization. A CBC TV/Doc Zone documentary.

Warning/commercial: (mild) nudity and all that sort of stuff.