Different Disturbing Strokes

The Different Strokes titles with alternate music, and slightly edited in terms of color and aging filters.

Very creepy.

Target Women: Botox

Express yourself, by removing parts of your expression. How to get pretty without using any ugly words.

Ted Talks: Gregory Stock: To Upgrade is Human

In this prophetic 2003 talk -- just days before Dolly the sheep was stuffed -- biotech ethicist Gregory Stock looked forward to new, more meaningful (and controversial) technologies, like customizable babies, whose adoption might drive human evolution.

Looney Tunes: Don't Give Up the Sheep

1953 Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf. This is the first short featuring these characters and is the prototype for the following 6 episodes.

Like all Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf shorts, this one revolves around Ralph Wolf trying to steal the sheep which Sam Sheepdog is guarding. Ralph does not work with Sam in this one, unlike later shorts.

RT 7:01.

Target Women: Carl's Jr

Take a big bite out of this super douche-burger ad campaign where women are nags and men are jackasses.

HBO: Right America Feeling Wronged

On the day Barack Obama was elected the 44th President, more than 58 million voters cast their ballots for John McCain. In the months leading up to this historic election, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (HBO's Emmy-winning "Journeys with George") took a road trip to meet some of the conservative Americans who waited in line for hours to support the GOP ticket, and saw their hopes and dreams evaporate in the wake of that Democratic victory. These voters share their feelings about the changing America in which they live.