Cheech & Chong: My Balls Itch

Cheech Marin is stuck in a straightjacket and tethered in a rubber room. RT 2:25. Borderline language.

Segment from their 1981 release, Nice Dreams.

A Brief Explanation of the Investment Mess

Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch gives a bubbly explanation of the intricacies of collateralized debt obligations -- those financial instruments that got us into this financial mess.

Leonard Nimoy: Maiden Wine

No, not from TOS episode Plato's Stepchildren, written and performed by Leonard Nimoy. This audio track is from his vinyl LP, The Touch of Leonard Nimoy.

Video clips, courtesy of Star Trek TOS.

Beautifully spliced, just 1:42.

Dick Cheney is Ambushed

Footage shot by two brave Americans, one of whom, Dr. Ben Marble, had some excellent advice for Richard Cheney to make in public.

Simon Turnbull vs James Randi, 1993

Famed skeptic James Randi visits Australia as a guest of the Australia Skeptics Association. While there, he makes an appearance on national TV show, Midday Show Channel 9.

Fargo: Woodchipper Scene

This is the infamous woodchipper scene from Fargo (1996), a film by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan. Fargo stars William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, Frances McDormand, and others.

Ex-KKK to Rep. John Lewis: I'm Sorry

Former Klansman Elwin Wilson apologizes to the "whole world" for beating Rep. John Lewis.

In May of 1961, Congressman John Lewis and a group of black college students were attacked by an angry white mob at a Rock Hill, S.C. bus depot. Elwin Wilson, a former member of the KKK and part of that angry white mob, now apologizes to Representative John Lewis on CNN.

The Beatles: Dear Prudence

An original video featuring footage from the Beatles trip to India, where John Lennon met Prudence, Mia Farrow's shy sister.

World's Worst - Beck, O'Reilly, Murdoch

Feb. 6: Worst Persons: Countdowns Keith Olbermann reports that Rupert Murdochs company, NewsCorp has lost $6,400,000,000 in the final quarter of 2008 and is forecasted to drop 30 percent in profits for the first half of 2009.

Fox News: "We Have Never Been A Company That Tolerates Facts."