A Cure For Insomnia

A segment of the opening for the episode "A Bullet for Baldwin" of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Beatles at Shea Stadium: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

14th track off the Help album, RT 3:04. Composed and sung by Larry Williams in 1958.

The recording was initially intended for the 1965 American Beatles compilation Beatles VI along with the Larry Williams cover Bad Boy, recorded by the Beatles on the same day. Paul McCartney has stated that he believes this song to be one of the Beatles best recordings.

My Name Is Nobody

Another delicious spaghetti western. (Mio nome Nessuno, Il) Circa 1973, RT 111:35.

Jack Beauregard, once the greatest gunslinger of the Old West, only wants to move to Europe and retire in peace. But a young gunfighter, known only as Nobody, idolizes him and wants to see him go out in a blaze of glory. He arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.

Dark Star - Bomb Philosophy

A scene from Dark Star (John Carpenter 1974). After being timed to detonate, Bomb 20, a planet-destroying bomb fails to release from Dark Star and refuses to accept new programming.

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill

San Francisco, California. 2000. RT: 1:54:08

The show that won Izzard two Emmy Awards. Includes observations on the American concept of history. The centerpiece of the performance is a retelling of British history from Stonehenge through to the Reformation. Ends with a personal touch with Eddie describing his puberty and loss of virginity.

Jiskefet - English Sport

Surreal and itchy humor from The Netherlands featuring Herman Koch, Kees Prins and Michiel Romeyn, better known as the trio Jiskefet (Trash Bin).

Mazda RX-8 Controlled from an iPod Touch

This iPhone controlled Mazda RX-8 by Jonathan Oxer takes the cake. Using a wi-fi connected iPhone the user can connect to a computer in the car which is connected to the Net using a separate internet connection. With this setup the user can now open doors, start the engine, monitor all of the car stats such as RPM, temperature, fuel tank, and if that isnt enough you can even see where the car is on a Google map.

The cars webserver provides a password-protected web interface optimised for full-screen display on an iPod Touch or iPhone running the SOPOD full-screen browser. The web interface has three screens: 1) Control, which provides a top-down view of the car with buttons for start, stop, lock, unlock, accessory power, and boot release; 2) Telemetry, which displays real-time data acquired from the engine management system such as RPM, vehicle speed, coolant temperature, throttle position, etc; and 3) Location, which uses a Google Maps mashup to display the current location of the vehicle on a map using current GPS data.

Brian Regan: Psychics

Brian Regan talks about Psychics and their scams. Clip from his comedy special "Epitome of Hyperbole." RT: 1:31