Solve more entangled loops! Rotate tiles until no open end is visible. Meditate over the very entangled loops. This game is the successor to Loops Of Zen

Easily Splitting H2O into O2 & H2

MIT chemists Daniel Nocera and Matthew Kanan discover a new catalyst that speeds up the splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen. The discovery may heighten interest in pollution-free fuel cell vehicles, which generate energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen chemically, emitting only water. The catalyst, made from cheap materials and working in ordinary water, may also make it easier to convert sunlight into chemical fuels, storing solar energy in much the way plants do.

Twilight Zone: Kick the Can

Season 3, episode 21, RT 24:15, first aired Feb 9, 1962.

The senior residents of Sunnyvale decide that the secret to youth is acting young, and in particular playing a childhood game.

Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere

The video, released to promote the single, features the band and various objects revolving, as if in their own "road to nowhere," and it was nominated for "Best Video of the Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards 1986.

Road to Nowhere is a song by Talking Heads, from the 1985 album Little Creatures. It also appeared on Best of Talking Heads, Sand in the Vaseline: Popular Favorites, the Once in a Lifetime box set and the Brick box set. The song was released as a single in 1985 and reached number 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and number 6 in the British singles chart.

Lawrence of Arabia trailer

The only worthy clip I could find from this amazing movie. Rent this during the Thanksgiving break and help out those that haven't seen it.It's in Panavision Technicolor!

Kurt Cobain: About a Son

An intimate and moving meditation on the late musician and artist Kurt Cobain, based on more than 25 hours of previously unheard audiotaped interviews conducted with Cobain by noted music journalist Michael Azerrad for his book "Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana." In the film, Kurt Cobain recounts his own life - from his childhood and adolescence to his days of musical discovery and later dealings with explosive fame - and offers often piercing insights into his life, music, and times. The conversations heard in the film have never before been made public and they reveal a highly personal portrait of an artist much discussed but not particularly well understood.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: MLK Forever

The infamous 1993 documentary on the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King whom the FBI once called "The Most Dangerous Man in the United States."

Ties direct evidence, interviews, and historical footage showing that once MLK began to unite all races and call for the US to leave Vietnam, he was quickly assassinated by a conspiracy that the US government has since admitted existed.

Also includes direct evidence of the United States Governments use of COINTELPRO working with an eager corporate media to manipulate public opinion.

Warning: Parts of the historic film footage and images are quite violent and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Mouse Agility

A clever little mouse Brain Storm on a very difficult course.

composer: John williams
title: Olympic Fanfare and Theme

Terrorist Vampires Hate our Freedoms!

Sean Hannity, in full free-fall mode, sinks to his lowest level yet in this unintentionally hilariously, overly serious look at the "Threat of Vampires in the United States."


See what happens when your candidate loses an election and even Colmes will have nothing to do with you?

Total props to cspanjunkie....

Barefoot Gen: Destruction of Hiroshima

Very intense scenes from Hadashi no Gen (1983), also known as Barefoot Gen. Directed by Mori Masaki and written by a Hiroshima survivor, Keiji Nakazawa, who claims to have seen the Enola Gay flying overhead Hiroshima.

Mighty Mouse: Prehistoric Perils

A chase leads Oilcan Harry, Pearl Pureheart and Mighty Mouse to a time machine where a battle activates it and sends them to Prehistoric days.

Good Night Elmer

Elmer Fudd has difficulties with a candle. Released October 26, 1940. RT 6:32.

Elmer Fudd spends an endless night trying to fall asleep amid myriad frustrations, in particular, a candle that won't go out.

Indigo Love of Reading Fund

Crisis in Canada: kids and teachers in elementary schools need help. Early literacy is totally underfunded and our library books are decades old.

Watch this and see why it's important to raise awareness and contribute.