World Wildlife Fund: Light Bulb

How many pollutants does it take to make a light bulb?

Here we follow the production and shipping process of an energy efficient light bulb.

A thought provoking new spot from DraftFCB Toronto for WWF Canada directed by OPC's Woods + Low.

Shot over three days utilizing miniatures and set against real locations.

In Living Color: Introducing Homey D. Clown

Here's Homey!

Damon Wayans plays an ex-con who works as a clown for his parole agreement, but violently lashes out at anyone who attempts to make him perform the standard antics of the role - "I don't think so... Homey don't play that!".

From In Living Color.

Betty Boop: Judge for a Day

Betty is the cleaner a the local courthouse. On the bus ride to work one day, she grows tired of all the liberties her fellow citizens take. She falls asleep and dreams about what she'd do if she were the judge.

Louis C.K.: Shameless

Lucky Louie creator and star Louis C.K. returns to HBO for an hour of no-holds-barred, adults-only stand-up comedy! Taped before a live audience at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on Nov 4, 2006, the performance finds Louis taking aim at fat and skinny people, spending money, bumper stickers, Californians, strangers and friends, marriage, lying to your spouse losing your privacy, and the new favorite pastime for fathers.

NSFW, language.

The Jefferson Island Disaster

What happened on November 21, 1980 when the Diamond Crystal Salt Company and Texaco oil explorers met each other below Lake Peigneur?

Table Cloth Challenge

If there is any art or medium more inane than American television, it must be Japanese television. The video above appears to be an excerpt from a program during which contestants pull the tablecloth out from underneath tableware, capped off by a little WTF dance by the loser.