Foghorn Leghorn: Banty Raids

A displaced bandying beatnik rooster makes like an orphan to get adopted by Foghorn, who tries to stop him from chasing the chicks. The Barnyard Dog manages to use a Rube Goldberg-esque method to dress Foghorn in drag and hitch him to the beatnik rooster. RT 6:13.

Danko Jones: King Of Magazines

"Finally - a cartoon that's - cartoony!"

A music video by illustrator/comic artist Dave Cooper in collaboration with animator/director Nick Cross.

Oz and James's big wine adventure S02 E01

2nd Series of the BBC Wine travel show presented by wine expert Oz Clarke and motoring journalist James May (of Top Gear fame), the former taking it upon himself to educate the latter about wine. This time, Clarke and May travel through California sampling new world wines, going from Venice Beach all the way north to the Napa Valley. The mode of transport this time was a Monaco motorhome and in some episodes, a Ford Mustang. Highlights include Clarke tasting wines whilst swimming in a lake and whilst driving dodgem cars, May hitting various objects with the motorhome, and a recurring need for hangover cures. May's search for a good bottle of typically Californian wine available in the UK for under 10 ends with a bottle of Ravenswood Zinfandel in episode 5.

Ted Talks: Captain Charles Moore on the Seas of Plastic

Capt. Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation first discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- an endless floating waste of plastic trash. Now he's drawing attention to the growing, choking problem of plastic debris in our seas.

BBC Imagine: The Mysterious Mr. Hopper

Documentary from the BBC's Imagine series, presented by Alan Yentob. The career of the reclusive artist Edward Hopper is covered in this beautifully-filmed episode. Includes interviews with Hopper's biographer, his friends and admirers such as Sam Mendes and Jonathan Miller, along with archive clips of the artist and his indomitable wife, Jo.

Intelligent Design is winning

The bacterial flagellum is a molecular-scale mechanical rotary motor. No human nanotechnology can yet match its exquisite precision. Now some scientists are beginning to have doubts about the theory of evolution and embrace a new theory that an intelligent being must be designing all the biological forms of planet Earth.

Bill O'Reilly's Jazz Operetta

Bill O'Reilly takes a stab at recitative...

The idea for this sort of post hoc "accompaniment" comes from the great jazz pianist Henry Hey.

Louis C.K. Being White

Louis C.K. discusses how great it is to be white with a time machine, white and a man, and white while being insulted.

From his half hour special, "Chewed Up."

Monty Python: Undressing in Public

from Monty Python's Flying Circus
Season 1 - Episode 04 - Owl Stretching Time
Recorded 21-09-69, Aired 26-10-69

I'm slowly uploading the entire Flying Circus series... Got any requests?