Big Diamond 2

The golden ball returns in a fast-paced sequel. In Big Diamond 2, time is of the essence. It is no longer the amount of shots you need, but the time it takes to shoot them that counts. 15 stages and 100+ levels!

Laurel and Hardy: Brats

Circa 1930, RT 19:54.

Laurel and Hardy are spending a night in with the kids. The fathers are playing checkers and snooker, but are constantly distracted by their own incompetence and by their children, constantly bullying each other and trying to stay up late.

This is one of two shorts where there are no additional co-stars, the other being Early to Bed.

World's Smallest Pistol. Austria 2Mm Pinfire Miniature Guns.

Originally made by Austrian watchmakers as decorative pocket watch chain fobs or as cufflinks, these miniature pinfire pistols are now prized collector's items. These are some from my own collection dating from 1904 to the 1970's. All of them fire 2mm blank pinfire cartridges. The revolvers are the world's smallest working double action blank firing pistols. They measure just 38mm in length and are smaller than the famous Swiss Mini Gun which measures 55mm. More info at

The Spider

This chillingly simple animation of Gabor Barabas' poem cracks into the depths of the human cycle in a sharp three minutes.

Directed by Juan Delcan and inspired by the art of sculptor Louise Bourgeois (known for her nightmarish 30-foot spiders), The Spider shows us the contradictions of life: love and death, beauty and indifference.

Ramones: Rock and Roll Radio

Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (or simply, Rock 'n' Roll Radio) was the second single by American punk rock band the Ramones from their fifth studio album, End of the Century. It was released on May 16, 1980. This song and the album itself marked a complete change in the Ramones' sound. This was partially due in an attempt to reach commercial success and to the work of their new producer, Phil Spector.

While most Ramones songs were based on three chords and a memorable melody, Rock 'n' Roll Radio is a complex song, based on many of the 50's pop songs the band grew up listening to. A piano, trumpet, horn, saxophone, and synthesizer are used along with the standard guitar, drums, and bass. As in most 1950s rock & roll, the saxophone is the lead instrument rather than the guitar. The opening and closing parts of the song sample a radio tuning into a rock 'n' roll radio channel.

The song has become one of the Ramones' most enduring songs. Because of the nature of many different instruments used in the track, while performing live the band replaced the saxophone with the bass guitar as lead instrument.

Frost Over the World: Michael Palin

It has been 20 years since Michael Palin's first great adventure, "Around the World in 80 Days," and he has just brought out a special edition of the book to mark the anniversary. He joins David Frost to talk about his experiences of travelling the world. (12 December, 2008)

CBC Archives: Just Watch Me, 1970

1970 - At the height of the FLQ crisis, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is confronted by the media and responds with perhaps his most famous line. This impromptu CBC-TV interview has become an archives legend.

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