NOVA: The Weather on Mars

Is the weather on Mars anything like the weather on Earth? NOVA asked Vicky Hipkin from the Canadian Space Agency, who was part of the recent Phoenix Mission to explore conditions on the Red Planet.Video podcast produced and edited by Melissa Salpietra. Still images and footage courtesy NASA, JPL, Caltech, University of Arizona, Texas A and M University, Cornell University and

Bill Maher's Religulous: Full Movie

Religulous is a 2008 American comedy/documentary film written by and starring political comedian Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles. According to Maher, the title of the film is a portmanteau derived from the words "religion" and "ridiculous"; the documentary examines and satirizes organized religion and religious belief.

Richard Dawkins with Father George Coyne

This is the full uncut interview with Father George Coyne which was omitted from Richard Dawkins' television program "The Genius of Charles Darwin" for Channel 4 in the UK. RT 1:00:18.

For anyone even remotely interested in the relationship between science and religion, this interview is a must. One of the marvellous things about this interview is that both Fr. Coyne and Dr. Dawkins are showing that the accusations, the bigotry that often marks this type of discussion is not necessary, that it is perfectly possible to have a civil, but frank exchange of views, leading to a good general impression of where both parties stand.

George V. Coyne, S.J. (born January 19, 1933) is a Jesuit priest, astronomer, and former director of the Vatican Observatory and head of the observatorys research group which is based at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

The Madness of John Bolton

BBC Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman interviews neocon former US ambassador to the UN and Bush-buddy John Bolton, and crushes Bolton's false notions about Iraq (watch Bolton turn red).

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

BC's illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a business giant, dubbed by some involved as 'The Union', Commanding upwards of $7 billion Canadian annually. With up to 85% of 'BC Bud' being exported to the United States, the trade has become an international issue. Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he demystifies the underground market and brings to light how an industry can function while remaining illegal. Through growers, police officers, criminologists, economists, doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, Scorgie examines the cause and effect nature of the business - an industry that may be profiting more by being illegal. Written by Brett Harvey

The Doors: Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan is a song by The Doors from the Waiting for the Sun album. Its basic flamenco track is an established form of flamenco music known as Granadinas. According to Robbie Krieger, guitarist for the Doors, the beginning riff was taken from Asturias, a classical piece of music by Isaac Albeniz.

Animaniacs: Variety Speak

You're gonna have to learn to talk that Variety Speak!

Melds into the full "Skippy and Slappy" theme song (it came next in the episode).

Born That Way

When ex-con and hard-as-nails Jake Green finally gets a chance to see his daughter after six months, he takes her out for a quick bite only to wind up in the middle of an armored car heist.

Directed by Tony McNeal.

Tim Minchin: Not Perfect

Comedian and musician Tim Minchin playing his song "Not Perfect" for "The Sideshow" on the ABC.

Comedy, piano and song.

Bill Maher's Final Comment from Religulous

Bill Maher's closing comments from Religulous, which is of grave importance to the society in which we exist.

Atheists must come together and help the world move on, so that a safer future can be ensured for ourselves and for our children.