Animaniacs: A Hard Day's Warners

(Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Short)

In this parody of A Hard Day's Night, the Warners are trying to go to a convention but are followed everywhere they go by their crazy fans.

RT 7:01

Season 3

Episode 15

First Aired 9/23/1995

Rock Family Trees: The British R&B Boom

BBC Series exploring the dramas that lie behind some of the best-known bands. The British blues boom threw up two of the biggest bands of the late 60s and early 70s, Cream and Led Zeppelin. This programme charts the careers of groups as diverse as the Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann and Cream as they turned the blues into rock.

In the 60s young people were tired of pop and started listening to American blues. With Paul Jones and John Mayall. Some strong language.

Secrets of the Occult: The Magicians

First of a three part series, RT 48:01.

Much of occultism's practices have taken on a new, more freely accepted label. New Age practices can be seen widespread throughout the commonplace world, even spanning within the local bookstores in their own segmented shelves. This first portion of Secrets of the Occult tackles the practitioners and their practices of such occultist dogmas, such as gazing into crystal balls, working with tarot cards, and the fabric of astrology. Numerous renowned names will surface in this portion, ranging as far back as Pythagoras himself and the seeming "creation" of occultist assemblies. However, many of these names will more than likely be foreign. It's a world of sances, scrying, alchemy, and spiritual whimsy that has developed to quite an art.

The break-neck pacing through many a century in the Magicians portion of Secrets of the Occult can be a shade on the blinding side. As interesting as this material can be, the repeated dancing from subject to subject is rather dizzying. Though quick, it's still fairly engaging. Learning about the historical practitioners of sances and the usage of scrying is rather compelling. Also, the history of Aleister Crowley and his control over people can be pretty intriguing as well. Introduction to the magicians of the cult in such a brief time period is a daunting task that is marginally successful. There is a great amount of room for expansion, even though this is a positive undertaking.


Upon a floating platform a group of men fish into the abyss, each cooperating with the rest to evenly distribute their weight.

Peace is broken when one of the men catches a heavy trunk on his fishing line.

Circa 2008, RT 72:07.

Kevin Hart riffs on marriage, kids, and the dangers of dating in this hilarious stand-up concert, and still has energy left over to take himself to task for being short. The host of BET's COMIC VIEW: ONE MIC STAND, Hart cracks jokes and tells stories in this live comedy from the Laff House.

Le Faux Pli

There is no floor and everything hangs down on strings: bypassers, workers, policemen and even prisoners. In a place like this, just imagine this young man's first day at work.

Another animated short from Supinfocom,

this one just 5:36 of fun.

Amateur Walk In Fridge

Check out these guys, building Heineken's walk in fridge for themselves! Oh, and they live in an apartment, on the tenth floor...

What Would Penis Do?

One of the "Tales of Mere Existence," by Levni Yilmaz. This time we learn about the battles that occur between the Heart, the Mind, and the Penis.

Rock Family Trees: Deep Purple People

A BBC production, episode 103, RT49:58, first aired 2001.

The tempestuous history behind British rock outfit Deep Purple, featuring interviews with the band, who talk candidly about their relationships which have lasted over 30 years.