Unreported World: Paraguay Painful Harvest

Tanya Datta reports on a nationwide peasant uprising against farmers of genetically-modified soya who are mainly Brazilian and seen as colonists partly responsible for the almost total deforestation of the eastern provinces.

RT 23:53, first aired 7 November 2008.

Chinatown: Roman Polanski

"You're a very nosy fellow, kitty cat. Huh? You know what happens to nosy fellows? Huh? No? Wanna guess? Huh? No? Okay. They lose their noses"

A different kind of notebook PC

A very creative way to display several short experimental films. The creator plays with images, illusions and the expectations of the viewer.

Woody Woodpecker: Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole is the fifth animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on June 22, 1942, RT 6:48.

Woody Woodpecker is at an Army Air Corps military base, and is dreaming of taking one of the planes up in the air. His enthusiasm in this respect gets him into a lot of trouble with his sergeant.