The Fifth Estate - Cruel Camera

Twenty-five years ago, Bob Mckeown and a fifth estate crew stunned the country with an investigative report that showed that many of the wildlife documentaries we'd grown up watching on television (remember the famous footage of the lemmings going off the cliff or some of the memorable moments from shows like Wild Kingdom?) were staged for the television cameras. As well, they revealed that animals often died during the making of movies; all for the sake of the entertainment value.

Now, Bob McKeown and an investigative team have returned to the subject to find out what has changed since the fifth estate's first Cruel Camera documentary. What they found may astonish you.

Henson's Place: The Man Behind the Muppets

52 minute documentary that was made in 1984. It covers the career of Jim Henson and the Muppets, starting from its inception up to his planning of Labyrinth. It was narrated by Julia McKenzie, who also did the interviewing. Those interviewed were Jim Henson, Jane Henson, Frank Oz, Michael Frith, Joan Ganz Cooney, Jerry Juhl, David Lazer and Lord Lew Grade. Also interviewed are Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, in the beginning not really knowing who Jim Henson was, and later giving different points of view on their potential marriage.

Among the topics discussed are Jim's early work, including Sam and Friends and Wilkins commercials; Sesame Street, mostly focused on characteristics of Big Bird, Ernie and Bert; Lord Grade's enthusiastic support for The Muppet Show, and later The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper, all without a contract; Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal. Frank Oz speaks about what he brings to his characters, such as Bert, Animal and Miss Piggy. The Muppet Stuff store (now defunct) is shown, and Jim speaks about merchandising as a necessity to help keep his projects going. Jim speculates that the Muppet characters will last as long as audiences want them to.

Chilly Willy: The Legend of Rockabye Point

Tex Avery directed this classic for Universal Pictures in 1955.

The storyline goes with an old salt seafarer telling the tale of how a penguin and a polar bear attempted finagling fish from a ship's store whilst avoiding the guard dog.

Porky's Bear Facts

A variant on the fable of the grasshopper and the ants: Porky Pig is a hardworking farmer, while his neighbor, a bear, sings "working can wait" (as do all his animals). Winter comes, and the only scrap of food in his drafty cabin is a single bean, which a mouse steals. As he stalks his dog past Porky's cabin, he sees the feast on Porky's table and begs to join him. (Description provided from IMDB)


A short experimental film directed by Ryan Jeffery and featuring the music of Ethan Rose.

Time Interviews Ricky Gervais

In this edition of TIME Magazine's 10 Questions, watch comedian and executive producer of The Office Ricky Gervais talk about Steve Carell, Garry Shandling, and Richard Lewis.

Pan's Labyrinth: The Pale Man

A nightmarish scene from Pan's Labyrinth (2006: Guillermo del Toro). In fact, many single out this scene as the film's most memorable.