Jack Palance in Shane

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his superb performance as the villain Jack Wilson in the film "Shane" (1953). This is one of the best, classic, "Western" scenes ever filmed.

American Drug War Economics: Vol. 1

Ending drug prohibition and focusing on addiction as a sickness, like alcohol and prescription drugs, could save the U.S. economy and millions of lives. Please pass this video on to as many people as you can. We need your help to end the Drug War.

Fat Cat

You control two characters simultaneously. First is the titular Fat Cat, a sanguine purple feline blimp who moves slowly and explodes if he gets hit three times by enemies or bullets. Your goal is to keep him alive through 21 levels, including 3 boss fights and a truly astounding volume of cannon fodder enemies. His lone attack is a doozya screen-devouring burp-powered laser that crushes certain wall tiles and shreds even the toughest enemy battleships. The catch is that the laser is fueled by food pick-ups, which tend to appear only just before they are needed. Steer the cat's lazy lard butt with [WASD] or the [arrow] keys, and fire the mega-laser-burp with [space].

The second character is an indestructible, multi-talented, and well-armed blue guardian owl. Control this one with the mouse, and fire an unlimited barrage of fireballs by holding the mouse button. The owl does nearly all of the heavy lifting in Fat Cat, with the power to block projectiles, drag around movable blocks, flip mirrors to redirect lasers, press special buttons that activate power-ups, and even drag the fat cat around bodily when his natural flight speed proves too pokey.

The difficulty level is fairly high, due to both the slim margin for errors, and the challenge of controlling a warrior with each hand. If you're having trouble, consider playing Fat Cat with a friend. The cat and the owl rely on each other to solve problems, but they act separately, making this one of the most interesting cooperative games around.

Do Not Mess with Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean loses his trousers, but he'll get them back no matter what. One of the most famous Mr. Bean clips.