Sesame Street: I Don't Want to Live on the Moon

Originally sang by Ernie (Jim Henson) in 1978. RT 2:19.

Written by Jeff Moss -- who also penned "Rubber Duckie" and "The People in Your Neighborhood" -- this pensive Sesame Street song features Ernie dreaming of visiting far-off destinations before deciding that homesickness will always bring him back to the people and places he's known all his life.

BBC2: The Great British Parakeet Invasion

Wildlife documentary series, this clip RT 9:00.

There are estimated to be 30,000 wild parakeets in Britain. Why are they thriving?

NATURE: Wild On: BBC 2 North (102) Date: Saturday 23rd February 2008

How Ants Communicate with Each Other

This video shows an experiment that finds out how they communicate when they are looking for food, for example. They make different signals depending on the situation.

Creation 'Science' Made Easy

Creation Science is fairly simple to understand. The conclusion is laid out for you -- just read Genesis -- so there's nothing to investigate. The question is whether this really is science. Even if it isn't, should it be taght in school as a way of "opening" young minds? This is the penultimate video in the Made Easy series, which looks at the evidence showing our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa.

Dick Van Dyke Show: Give Me Your Walls

Rob is wishing he could draw a horse so he draws one on paper but doesn't watch where he draws because he ends up drawing on the wall! Rob tries to find something to take the ink off, but makes things worse. So Rob and Laura hire a painter that once came by looking for work.

RT 24:55

Season 2

Episode 23

First Aired 2/27/1963

Ted Talks: Indiana Jones of Virus Hunting

Virus hunter Nathan Wolfe is outwitting the next pandemic by staying two steps ahead: discovering new, deadly viruses where they first emerge -- passing from animals to humans among poor subsistence hunters in Africa -- before they claim millions of lives.

Popeye the Sailor and Betty Boop

Betty only once appeared in a Fleischer Brothers cartoon alongside Popeye, & it was for Popey's debut film, Popeye the Sailor (1933).

Star Wars: Retold someone who hasn't seen it.

Amanda had never seen a Star Wars film but claims she already knows what happens. So she was asked recount what she know. It was then given some basic animation.

Merrie Melodies: A Wild Hare

1940 release, RT 8:17.

A Wild Hare (re-released as The Wild Hare) is noteworthy as the first true Bugs Bunny cartoon, as well as for settling on the classic voice and appearance of the hunter, Elmer Fudd.