A Little Bit of Christmas in Japan

Although Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan, it is observed in other ways.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas, one can find lines of Japanese standing outside of KFC for a little bit of the Colonel's Christmas Chicken.

Christmas Cake is a popular item which sells for about 30-50 bucks at convenience stores. It's also a term used to refer to women over 26.

For young couples, Christmas is a big date night and many of them go to love hotels.

God Bless America

(The Role of Religion in the 2008 Election) RT 47:41.

Filmed in the run-up to the US presidential elections, this documentary looks at the future of America's Religious Right, and considers the impact their voting patterns may have had on Barack Obama's recent victory. While Conservative white evangelical Christians gave President Bush the majority of their votes in 2004, the way in which the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina were handled has forced the group to question their allegiance to the Republican party.

Tea Time Movie

Johnny Carson as Art Fern and Carol Wayne as the Matinee Lady.

Euro trip - Trip to Paris

Vinnie Jones swears his way to Paris in an English double decker filled with Manchester United hooligans. From Euro Trip.

USA: Behind the Scenes

CIA, Wall Street, drugs, politicians, corruption, bankers, ... 9/11. Michael Ruppert pulls away the curtains. (The Truth and Lies of 9/11)

A Doggy Christmas Surprise

Our dogschool's presentation group made a surprise video for Christmas. It is our first work of this kind, but we are planning more. Enjoy and spread! :)

Foghorn Leghorn: Crowing Pains

Crowing Pains is a cartoon in the Looney Tunes series that was released in 1947. The cartoon, directed by Robert McKimson, stars Henery Hawk, Sylvester, and Foghorn Leghorn and The Barnyard Dawg.

Foghorn convinces Henery that Sylvester is a chicken. Foghorn sticks Henery in an egg and places it under Sylvester.

This cartoon entered the public domain (the latest-released WB cartoon to do so), as United Artists (successor-in-interest to Associated Artists Productions) failed to renew the copyright in time. It is the only cartoon starring either Foghorn Leghorn or Sylvester to enter the public domain.

Redesigning Breakout

In this version of Breakout, the challenge is against the clock. The faster you can eliminate the blocks and move on to the next level, the more points you will score before your time is up. You have just 200 seconds in which to play.

500 Round Per Minute Dart Chaingun Hack

We hacked a Nerf Vulcan chaingun to fire as fast as an M60 machine gun. We also added an LED counter like in Aliens or any FPS. Then we took the gun and shot my coworker with it. See the how-to at