Foghorn Leghorn: Feather Bluster

1958 animated short, RT 5:55.

Geriatrics Foghorn Leghorn and the barnyard dog recount their years of violent, mutual heckling, unaware that outside the window of their house, their impressionable grandsons have overheard the stories of their antics and intend to follow suit.

Hare Tonic

Elmer takes Bugs home in order to prepare rabbit stew. Bugs has other ideas, including torturing Elmer into believing he is suffering from rabbititus.

1945 Warner Brothers cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, RT 8:17.

High Fidelity: Rob Meets Ian

Rob Gordon is confronted by Ian, his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, Ian. The conversation prompts a variety of desired reactions.

Bugs Bunny: Hare Force

1944 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Friz Freleng and starring Bugs Bunny and an old lady. Although the title is an obvious play on Air Force, the cartoon's plot has nothing to do with the military. RT 7:07.

On a cold and snowy night, Bugs wangles his way into the good graces, and more importantly, the house, belonging to an old lady (possibly voiced by Bea Benaderet). Sylvester, her dog, takes an instant dislike to the Bunny, and most of the cartoon is spent with the two tricking each other into going outside the house and getting locked out.

Pinky and the Brain... and Larry

Pinky and The Brain have a new companion, Larry, but their newest plan just doesn't seem to pan out.

RT 6:16

Season 3

Episode 3

First Aired 9/13/1997

Ogre; a Lego "Tank"

Ogre is a "Tank" built around a Zamor launching system nicknamed "Hailstorm". It uses three XL PF motors, controlled either by a standard PF remote, or by the on-board (black) NXT using the Hitechnic IRLink. It also has a small wireless "spycam" attached, so that the driver can "see" what the robot sees. The result is a lot of fun to drive around, and even more fun to watch it autonomously detect, target, and destroy loose LEGO targets.

A Conversation with Stephen Colbert

A visit in 2006 to The Harvard Institute of Politics. Total RT of 1:09:03, roughly the first four minutes are short segments from his show. The balance is both amusing and informative.