Les Processus

It's all about conformity. Another short film by students from Supinfocom, this one with a distinctly dark feel and characters that look like they are the results of a woodblock print. RT 7:38.

Foghorn Leghorn: A Fractured Leghorn

Cartoon made by Warner Bros. and directed by Robert McKimson. Foghorn is in pursuit of a snack of earthworm, but if he wants the worm he will have to outwit an anonymous catAs usual, Foghorn is voiced by Mel Blanc.

This is one of few Foghorn cartoons where Leghorn is not put at odds with Henery Hawk and/or the Barnyard Dawg.

RT 7:01, released September 16, 1950.

MST3K: City Limits

"City Limits" (1985) as it appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000. "Starring" John Stockwell (Cougar from Top Gun!), Rae Dawn Chong (Rae Dawn Chong in Commando!), Kim Cattrall (Honeywell from Porky's!), Bobby Benson (The Beast!) and an embarrassed man ("This Is James Earl Jones"). Also of note is an early score from musician/music producer Mitchell Froom. Froom went on to produce albums for Suzanne Vega (also his ex-wife), Los Lobos, Latin Playboys, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Crowded House, American Music Club, Cibo Matto, Ron Sexsmith, Paul McCartney, The Corrs, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow as well as appearing on albums by Tom Waits, Pearl Jam and T-Bone Burnett, and wrote the theme song for the cult television show, "Pee-wee's Playhouse".

Animaniacs: Morning Malaise

An annoying morning radio show host named Howie Tern critizes people. The Warners challenge him in order to prove that they are funnier than him.

RT 5:39

Season 2

Episode 7

First Aired 9/10/1994

Pinky and the Brain: That Smarts

Brain makes Pinky smarter so his stupidity won't ruin anymore plans. Now that he's helpful, they plan to design a device called: Vertoconvector. That will lift people off the ground, and immobilize them.

RT 10:32

Season 1

Episode 4

First Aired 9/17/1995