John Waters: Carsick, Hitchhiking from Baltimore to San Francisco

John Waters (the mind behind cult classics such as Pink Flamingos and Hairspray) joins the staff of Google NYC to talk about his new book "Carsick", his latest book chronicling his hitchhiking from Baltimore to San Francisco.

Moderated by YouTube Nextlab comedians.

Verruckt - The First Launch

Filmed from the GARMIN VIRB Action camera, get a look at the first ride down the Verruckt Waterslide. Featuring waterpark designer Jeff Henry and ride engineer John Schooley -- see the insanity that is responsible for the world's tallest waterslide.

See the raw first drop POV footage:

To carify - the GoPro's seen in the video belong to the Travel Channel for their footage. Working with Garmin we are using their action camera for our shots. We are very happy with the technology in these cameras as they provide GPS, Gyro and accelerometer data to assist us with testing.

Music - Sail by AWOLNATION

For inquires contact Nick at 512-466-1065

PACs a Punch! 100% normal MIT Genius backs #MaydayPAC


The Mayday PAC is an exciting new experiment in the anti-corruption movement. It's the "Super PAC to end all super PACs" and if we harness this tool, we can buy back our democracy! Founded by Lawrence Lessig (Harvard), tens of thousands have pledged small dollar donations totaling millions of dollars to support politicians who represent the people, rather than representing special interests. But we still need millions more. Join the Mayday PAC at and pledge at my personal page
It's time to put some muscle into reclaiming our democracy!

Real Time With Bill Maher: Sunni and Share (HBO)

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Bill Maher delivers his "New Rules" editorial on June 27, 2014

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American Empire

CGPGrey explains statehood, territories, possessions, and more on this Independence Day, 2014.

The Plan To Take Our Democracy Back

Help us reduce the influence of money in politics! Professor Lawrence Lessig goes over the problem - and the plan to solve it.

The Mayday Political Action Committee is crowdsourcing the money it needs to get a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016. This is our first essential step.

How Aaron Swartz Helped Inspire the Super PAC to End All Super PACs

The Skeleton Twins ft Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader

After ten years of estrangement, twins Maggie and Milo coincidentally cheat death on the same day, prompting them to reunite and confront how their lives went so wrong. As the twins' reunion reinvigorates them both, they realize that the key to fixing their lives just may lie in fixing their relationship with each other.

Movie Trailer

Corporations are People with Religious Freedom? Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

With the Supreme Court ruling hinging on the religious rights of Hobby Lobby, John Oliver takes a look at other ways corporations can be more like people.

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