Set in a surreal, historically grounded seaborne universe of pirates and buccaneers, "Maakies" follows the disturbingly unhappy adventures of Drinky Crow, a cute lil' alcoholic consistently bent on consuming his fix, and Uncle Gabby, a monkey with a penchant for rum and battle.

Many episodes are gleefully, savagely violent.

Quite a few make some sort of reference to sex, or sexual dysfunction.

Suicide, (typically by gunshot) is ever-present Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow repeatedly die bloody deaths.


Apathetic cube-centric office humor.

Zippy the Pinhead

Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead is the popular comic strip with its own bizarre answers to this already bizarre world.

Zippy is inspired by the legendary circus sideshow attraction; "Zip the What Is It?" <br>
Griffith began the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip in 1970, selling it to different underground magazines.<br>
Today, Zippy appears in more than 100 newspapers and several college papers and weeklies.


Welcome to the GNU Project web server,

The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system.

(GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix''; it is pronounced "guh-NEW".) Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as "Linux'', they are more accurately called GNU/Linux systems.

PHP Nuke

Free PHP code that fits your needs.

The software this site is running.

The Illustrated Guide to Breaking your Computer

When you work in a job where you are constantly using computers for long enough, you develop a certain anxious feeling which can pretty much only be cured by beating the hell out of an old computer or two

Britney Spear's Guide to Semi-Conductor Physics

It is a little known fact, that Ms.

Spears is an expert in semiconductor physics.

Not content with just singing, in the following pages, she will guide you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format.