a 1944 United States animated cartoon. Made during World War II, it mocks Adolf Hitler, the leader of enemy Nazi Germany, showing him defeated by "Gremlins from the Kremlin" symbolizing the Soviet Union, at the time America's vital ally in the war.

After Falling Hare turned into a big hit in 1943, cartoon writer and director Bob Clampett made another Wartime cartoon involving gremlins. This Merrie Melodie was released to theaters on May 20, 1944. The original title of this cartoon was Gremlins from the Kremlin, but producer Leon Schlesinger changed the title to "Russian Rhapsody" when Disney began making its own wartime short about Gremlins, and asked other studios to not produce films about them. In Falling Hare, Bugs Bunny was the victim, whilst in this short the victim (and main character) was Adolf Hitler.