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A purposeful change in the SET, PROPS, or WARDROBE.


1. Any changes in CHOREOGRAPHY are NOT differences.

Specifically, body positioning ("after he's knocked out, his legs/head/mouth etc. are different") or timing of body movements (she grabs the cane slightly later in one performance) do not count as differences.

There are only TWO exceptions to this guideline, and here are some hints: (1) in one scene, one character is singing on one side but not singing at all on the other, and (2) a box opens during a performance on one side but not the other.

2. Also, A SLIGHT REPOSITIONING of the same item is NOT a difference.

For example, the exact way a bedspread or curtain is positioned, or the exact orientation of the same toy truck, or the way the same jacket is lying on the floor-- these are not differences. If the same teddy bear slightly changes positions, that is not a difference. But, if the same teddy bear is wearing a shirt only on one side, that is a difference. A difference counts when you can discern a purposeful alteration. If a picture or object is slightly moved, that is not a difference. If a picture or object is discernibly rotated, that IS a difference.



Conceptualized, Written, Directed, Produced & Performed by Rhett & Link

Assistant Director: Michael Alan Hoy

Director of Photography: Alexander Alexandrov

Visual Effects and Post: Studio229 (

Line Producer: Christian Nurse

Production Design: Rachel Kondrath & Nick Nakahara

Art Dept: Rachel Gold, Keith Patterson, and Chris Cook

Wardrobe: Melis Kuris

Wardrobe: Assistant: Meagan Judkins

Gaffer: Eric Bader

Best Boy: Eric Clark

Camera Assistant: Joel Gerlach

Makeup: Hillary Lowe

Production Assistants: Joe Bassa, Brandon Scullion

Behind the Scenes: Jason Inman


Left Monster, Sandman, Tooth Fairy Asst., and Burglar: Link Neal

Narrator, Right Monster, Tooth Fairy, Asst. Sandman, and Burglar: Rhett McLaughlin

Lacey: Olivia Allchin

Tommy: Maximus Smith

Grandpa: Danny White

Mom: Deanna Smith

Dad: Gavin Dunne/Amra Ricketts


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