Chuck Starzenski (

Lighting by

Sam Euston (

Mario Morquecho (

Score by

Luc Londe

Sam Euston


Erika Smallen (

Cloud Footage by

Evan and Rachel (

Concept, Written, Filmed, Edited, Special Effects, Foley&Sound;

Luc Londe (

Project Parameters:

The Challenge

Using a video camera, design and shoot the following scripted scenario:

A person is about to open a door. The person hears a sound and becomes mildly concerned. The person finds the door locked and searches for his or her keys. The person hears the sound again and becomes visibly apprehensive. As the filmmaker, your goal is to build tension and growing panic, using any visual element or device that you can think of. The film closes with the person finally opening the door and getting to the other side safely. Here, you want to communicate to the audience the character's feeling of relief and safety.


Neither the character nor the audience ever sees the source of the sound.

The film can have only one actor.

The film may not contain dialogue

The film may not exceed 90 seconds.

The entire film must take place within a single location.

Assignment for Mike Traina's Media 10 class at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Inspired by The Dark Tower, which was in turn inspired by Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns.