Severe Thunderstorm watch has been Issued for Houston Texas on Tuesday January 8, 2013 and it will bring a lot of rain and Have your iPads Charged and your Cell Phones and Tablets Charged and it will bring a lot of Rain and Strong Winds the Power will go out in Houston Texas it will bring flooding and the Sewers will back up it will also bring Golf Ball Sized Hail and it will be stormy down in Southeastern Texas including Austin and Houston Don`t Go Near the Tree and Stay Away from the Windows Unplug all your Electronics or you will get a Power Surge Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food because the storm will be Powerful Have your Extra Batteries and Flashlights Ready and a Crank Up Radio Too because the Storm will be Powerful Wear your Rubber Boots and a Rain Coat and have your Hip Waders and a Rain Suit Ready and if there is a Tornado Head down to the Basement during the Tornado and you have to be Prepared for the Major Thunderstorm for Houston and Don't Wait until the Last Minute for you to be Prepared.