Lisa from Detroit that admits she is addicted to eating her cats fur, even licking it off her pets body directly!

The 43-year-old said she eats at least three hairballs a day, enjoying the soft texture in her mouth. Please note the video may cause gagging.

Lisa said she cant go more than two hours without eating a wad of cat fur.

She said, Just chewing it is relaxing, she assured. Its a comforting feeling. (My cats) fur is such an interesting texture. Its so soft and puffy and like cotton candy almost.

She describes the cat fluff as being relatively clean fur that has much less of a flavor than even human hair.

So where does this crazy cat lady get her delicious cat fur?

Lisa reveals she picks up cat hair off the floor, furniture, and cat perch, but sometimes takes it right from her cats body.

I groom my cat with my tongue, like a momma cat would do with her kitten, she said. I dont get as involved as another cat would. Im not licking her butt.

From TLCs "My Strange Addiction".