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I am Doctor Tim and I would like to talk to you a bit about cure for tinnitus,its symptoms,cause and i will review the product.Also I'm going to talk you you about what is tinnitus, how do we treat tinnitus, what are preventive measures against getting tinnitus, or against lowering the level of annoying sound of tinnitus.

Different relief, remedies of tinnitus, and so on. First, what is tinnitus? Tinnitus is a ringing, swishing, or other type of noise sensation that a person feels originates from their ear. If you can see this picture, the most common tinnitus results from either the outer ear, the ear canal, and if you see the white mass next to the vestibular nerve, the cochlea.

What causes tinnitus?

That's a major question, people live with it, the constant ringing noise,

what causes it? Tinnitus can be caused by many things, and this is the key fact. Tinnitus can either be, in most cases, not serious, or it could be the cause of an underlying issue such as a brain tumor or an aneurism, but most of the times, it is not in that case.

Tinnitus is either caused by different things, one of them most common nowadays is loud noise exposure.

Being exposed to firearms without proper ear protection, high intensity music, or if you're on high rock concerts all the time; loud noise can cause tinnitus. I has also been in Scientific data has proved that aspirin, medicines like aspirin over time can cause syndrome, which leads to tinnitus.

Also, as I said, either brain tumor or brain aneurism, but those are very rare cases. How we evaluate tinnitus is, when you come in to the doctor's office like me, what we do is we're going to look into your medical history, we'll take a physical examination, and we do special tests, we'll check on you just on vertigo, hearing loss, different tests so we could rule out the serious conditions.

First we will do a CT scan, a magnetic resonance imaging, which is an MRI, and we'll do an Test, which is an auditory stem response to find out what is the cause of tinnitus.

What is the treatment of tinnitus?

Once we evaluate your condition and we see that there's none of those; the thing about tinnitus is that care is specialized.

If it's obviously one of the serious cases that's resulting from a brain tumor, the cure would be removing the tumor. But other different kinds of tinnitus results in different treatments.

There are some medications that are not scientifically proven but have shown to work to help tinnitus, to help relieve the annoying sound of tinnitus. One of the drugs is called niacin .

Some studies show then that high dosage of those drugs help relieve tinnitus but there's no scientific proof to prove that. What can you do to lessen the intensity of tinnitus?

What can you do to prevent and lessen the level of tinnitus?

One of the main things is to avoid exposure to loud sounds, that's a biggie, avoid exposure to loud sounds. Another one is control your blood pressure. Again, also, avoid nerve stimulants, which is coffee and cola, which contains caffeine, and tobacco which contains nicotine.

Decrease your salt intake, that's important. Reduce your anxiety; the more we think about tinnitus, the more we will think about it affecting your life, the more it will actually affect your life.

Get adequate rest so you can avoid fatigue. Exercise, and the main thing that has been proven to help people with tinnitus is utilizing masking noise.

Basically, tinnitus can be various but something that can affect your sleep, it can affect your daily lives. One of the major things that people use is something to contradict the noise; something to block it out, to mask it suck as ticking clock, or a radio, or a fan. Or even a noise machine.

These are a major thing. Also, try to avoid using aspirin in large quantities or over a long period of time. A major thing is, according to actually the NIDCD, which is the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication, they found that 12% of men that are 65 to 74 years of age get tinnitus.

This proves that you can get tinnitus as you age, at an older age, so it's very important to take those preventive measures.

Don't listen to loud music, don't have a high caffeine intake. Take those measures so you can hinder getting tinnitus.

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