26 Alcoholic Drinks

A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at the name origins of 26 alcoholic drinks including the Martini, Alabama Slammer, and the Sidecar.

Pub Loo Shocker

Leo Burnett London's new Pub Loo Shocker campaign for the Department for Transport's THINK! campaign is turning heads.

My Drunk Kitchen: SF Bread Bowl!

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For the love of loaf.

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The War on Drugs is a Failure

To celebrate 4-20, A bi-partisan panel of politicians somehow come to a unanimous agreement that The War on Drugs is totally effed up.

Guest Starring Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.

148 Bad Boys

Several couples enter a movie theater with only a few open seats. All the rest are taken by some dangerous looking bikers. Viral for... oh, you'll find out.

Laser Lit Alcohol Rocket Bottles with 100mW Spyder III Krypton Laser by Wicked Lasers

Laser (100mW Spyder III Krypton) burns black flash paper to ignite alcohol rocket bottles. They make fire, light, heat, and sound as they go off! More WorldScott.com laser vids ? http://d.ro/lasers ?

This video was recorded at the Cremerie de Paris: http://cremeriedeparis.com/

Several cameras were used to capture the alcohol rocket bottles as they shot out flames from their tops and whistled. Two slow motion cameras show the action in finer time detail. A few bottles produce beautiful blue flames inside as the fire descends down the length of the bottle.

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