Ram Truck Commercial Parody

It's movin' season! And when your friends ask you to help them move, you'll need a Hemi-powered RAM to haul all their heavy, unnecessary, and sometimes creepy stuff.

Written by Owen Weber and Eric Kelly

Edited, Produced, and Voiced by Owen Weber

Saudi Man Texting on Hood of a Speeding Car

Texting while driving is dangerous. Texting while sitting on the hood of a speeding car is insane! However, some crazy guy was filmed doing just that in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tesla Supercharger Announcement

Tesla announces a significant expansion of the Supercharger network. Supercharging enables Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances, for free, indefinitely.

In addition to the expansion of the Supercharger network itself, Tesla has improved the technology behind the Superchargers to significantly speed up the amount of time it takes to charge Model S, in some cases cutting charging time in half.

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Dump Truck Eats Car

Can a garbage truck crush a car? That's what the workers from Scranton Manufacturing find out when they try to compact a Grand Am in a New Way Cobra Magnum..

Living with the Tesla Model S in the Real World

Chris Ziegler travels to L.A. to put the Tesla Model S electric sedan through its paces.

Check out the full article here:http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/12/3969260/going-the-distance-driving-tesla-model-s-in-the-real-world

Corvettes From North Carolina Collector

The first Corvette Bill Mullis bought many years ago, was black. He liked the way it looked and soon realized that in some cases, black Corvettes were few and far between. So, he accepted a personal challenge: Acquire as many black Corvettes covering the formative years of the brand, as possible.

Regrettably, the heart of the collection, 23 Corvettes from 1954 through 1969, was sold off during a Mecum Auction at Bloomington Gold in June of 2011.

Monster Trucks... On Acid!

Monster-truck racing is traditionally the domain of men from rural pockets of the United States who have a bunch of free time on their hands and no qualms with spending upwards of $150,000 on wildly impractical vehicles. Despite the fact that there are roughly a gazillion officially sanctioned Monster Jam events around the country in any given year, many people who live in cities know nothing about the sport and the culture surrounding it. We were some of those frail urbanites who didn't know the difference between a carburetor and a crankshaft, so when we heard a Monster Jam was happening about two hours outside New York, we grabbed our buddy Dan, shoved two hits of acid down his throat, and headed up to Hartford, Connecticut, to find out what kind of damage a gigantic truck with 2,000 ponies under the hood can do.

Top Gear: The Greatest Driving Road in the World!

On the hunt for the fabled "best driving road in the world" James May has his second bit of bad luck of the day. Forced to bunk down in their cars for the night Jeremy offers the boys some bizarre drinks to help them sleep. Finally the Transfagarasan Highway comes into view and Jeremy's Aston Martin DBS Volante, Richard's Ferrari and James' Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder proceed with joy.

Ted Talks: Jennifer Healey: If Cars Could Talk, Accidents Might Be Avoidable

When we drive, we get into a glass bubble, lock the doors and press the accelerator, relying on our eyes to guide us -- even though we can only see the few cars ahead of and behind us. But what if cars could share data with each other about their position and velocity, and use predictive models to calculate the safest routes for everyone on the road? Jennifer Healey imagines a world without accidents. (Filmed at TED@Intel.)