Juan - Sweet Child O' Mine

This dude can really sing like Axl-I couldnt even tell the difference (this comes from a not-so-avid-fan-of-Guns n Roses-though)!

Guys name is Juan and the man can do some karaoke.

Guns N Roses O2 Dublin Sept 1St 2010: Welcome to the Jungle: Axl Gets Bottled off Stage

The crowd are not amused as the band do not appear on stage until approx 10:25pm. No interaction or apology by Axl to the crowd who are booing etc.. Bottles are thrown on stage during the start of Welcome To The Jungle. Axl tells the crowd to stop throwing bottles at him or they'll leave. The show goes on for another couple of songs before more bottles are thrown at Axl & he just up's & leaves. The Promoters / Venue staff make announecements to the crowd about trying to fix technical difficulties at first (yeah right!) & then tell people they're working to get the band back & ask the crowd to stop throwing things at Axl. The crowd were told another annoucment would be forthcoming but after 10-15 mins, the house lights just came on & crowds started to leave after O2 staff were telling the crowd it was over & to contact MCD for a refund... I was one fo the crowd who had waited for ages & after been told it was over & the band were not coming back on & to seek my refund from MCD, I heard the band came back on at approx 11:30pm but we weren't allowed back into the venue.

Metallica: Axl Rose's Tour Rider

From "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica," lead singer James Hetfield comments on Axl Rose's demands listed on his tour rider during the ill-fated Guns-Metallica tour of 1992.

Celebrity Mugshots

Mugshots of your favorite celebrities: Axl Rose, Bill Gates, Allen Iverson, everybody!!!