Tumbleweed Wanderers: So Long Blues

After performing a brand new track on the ride up - http://youtu.be/nNxYoWhqgv8 - the Tumbleweed Wanderers performed one of their classic acoustic jams "So Long Blues" on the way down. Having just played Snowball Music Festival, it was nice to pull back and see the band in an intimate and acoustic environment.

On this tune, Blum brings forth some strong percussion on the washboard, while Mandel-Romann takes over on lead vocals. But this doesn't mean that no one else sings. One of the best things about this band is that everyone can sing, and sing good. When performing live, they constantly change who takes the lead on vocals, and in most songs the whole band harmonizes on vocals.

The Bay Area band is putting out a new EP "Worn Down Welcome" on April 26, 2013, and they are set to perform at a variety of music festivals this summer - http://tumbleweedwanderers.com/dates/ - so be sure to watch out for the Tumbleweed Wanderers!

Band Members:

Daniel Blum (washboard)

Jeremy Lyon (guitar, vocals)

Partick Glynn (mandolin)

Rob Fidel (banjo, vocals)

Zak Mandel-Romann (guitar, vocals)

Song: "So Long Blues"

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Gondola Sessions: Tumbleweed Wanderers

The Tumbleweed Wanderers - http://tumbleweedwanderers.com/ - joined us for a Gondola Session on their way from Snowball Music Festival to SXSW. It was a crowded and bumpy gondola ride for the 5-person group, but the band kept their composure and were able to lay down a couple tracks over the gondola's noise.

The first song, "Pretty Song in E", was essentially titled on the spot, as it is brand new song that is premiering right here on The Gondola Sessions! However new, the song was performed as though it was a regular on Tumbleweed Wanderers' set lists.

Sitting, standing and crouching, the band added layers to the song as it progressed, creating a dynamic and harmonized tune by the end. With their new EP "Worn Down Welcome" due out April 26, 2013, this is definitely a band to keep your eye on. Oh, and the second song from their Gondola Session will be out shortly...

Band Members:

Daniel Blum (washboard)

Jeremy Lyon (guitar, vocals)

Partick Glynn (mandolin)

Rob Fidel (banjo, vocals)

Zak Mandel-Romann (guitar, vocals)

Churchill: "Change": Sxsw 2013 Showcasing Artist

Tim Bruns - lead vocals and rhythm guitar / Tyler Rima - bass / Bethany Kelly - vocals and keys / Joe Richmond - drums / Mike Morter - mandolin, banjo, lead guitar, uke and crowd pleasing

Churchill singer/guitarist Tim Bruns and mandolin player Mike Morter have been making folk-infused rock songs with a delicate bluegrass flair together since the first day they met. In 2009, Bruns and Morter added bassist Tyler Rima, drummer Joe Richmond, and keyboardist/singer Bethany Kelly to their lineup, a move that vastly expanded their sound and birthed the high-energy alt-country/pop-rock hybrid that is Churchill.

As with all of Churchill's releases so far, Change EP is entirely self-produced and self-recorded by the band to truly capture the raw, frenetic energy of their live show. Their upcoming debut for A&M;/Octone, offers up a selection of songs that flaunt their supreme skills in blending hook-laced pop with soulfully charged, lushly textured rock. From the freewheeling country swing of "Ark in a Flood" (a sprawling anthem marked by soaring, sunny harmonies) to the Motown strut of "Change" (a gorgeously pained love song on which Kelly's tough but tender vocals take the lead), Change EP enlists Churchill as an outfit that's both classic in sensibility and undeniably fresh in sound.

Always honored to be on stage, Churchill\'s live experience is a major part of how they effectively leave their audience feeling hopeful and ready to change the world.

Steve Martin on the Gong Show

The Gong Show. Here, Steve Martin is one of the panelist and a great performer. Steve M. was playing the banjo. Too Bad Mr. Barris had to ruin his act. Plus you see a short magic performance. Chuck Barris is the host. The name of the piece is "Foggy Mountain Breakdown".

Steve Martin has his own album of his music. He was also featured and performed on American Idol season 8 finale.

Johnny Cash -  Ain't No Grave [Official]

Produced by Rick Rubin

Associate Producer: John Carter Cash

Recorded by David Ferguson

Additional Recording: Greg Fidelman

Assistant Engineers: Jimmy Tittle, Paul Fig, Dan Leffler

Mixed by David Ferguson, Greg Fidelman

Aint No Grave mixed by David Ferguson and Ryan Hewitt

Mix Editing by Phillip Broussard

Recorded at Cash Cabin Studio, Hendersonville, TN and Akadamie Mathematique Of Philosophical Sound Research, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed at Akademie Mathematique Of Philosophical Sound Research, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood CA


Mike Campbell - Guitar

Smokey Hormel - Guitar

Matt Sweeney - Guitar

Benmont Tench - Piano, Harpsichord, Organ

Jonny Polonsky - Guitar

Scott Avett - Banjo on Aint No Grave

Seth Avett - Footsteps on Aint No Grave

Additional musicians who offered invaluable contributions: Cowboy Jack Clement, Randy Scruggs, Pat McLaughlin, Laura Cash, Mark Howard, Marty Stuart, Dave Roe, Dennis Crouch, Uncle Josh Graves, Mac Wiseman, Larry Gatlin, Pete Wade, Mike Leach, Reggie Young, Mickey Raphael, Larry Perkins, and of course June Carter Cash.