Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker, 1999

Chris Rock brings his critically acclaimed brand of social commentary-themed humor to this 1999 standup comedy presentation from HBO. Also released as an album, Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker features Rock on-stage extolling his razor-sharp wit and wisdom on such topics as gun control, President Clinton, homophobia, racism, black leaders, and relationships.

Neoconservatism: Words of the World

Maria Ryan from the University of Nottingham discusses the origins of Neoconservatism and its long-lasting influence.

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Words of the World is a project by Brady Haran - website at

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Bill Maher: New Rules, The Pope Pt 1

Bill Maher manages to have a little fun while making some very valid points about the modern day catholic religion, and you just have to love the mans new hat. His targets in this video include, catholics, priests, the pope, the US military, the taliban, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Madonna, republicans, and the uptight.

Aired Feb 15, 2013.

Rafael Nathan: 30+ Impressions

World Famous impressionist from Ireland, Rafael Nathan, does over 30 impressions of celebrities about to fight in this home video requested by fans.

Today in History for December 19Th

President Bill Clinton impeached; General George Washington opens camp at Valley Forge; Charles Dickens' novel "A Christmas Carol" is first published; Apollo 17 splashes down in the Pacific Ocean; 'The Music Man' opens on Broadway. (Dec. 19)

Bill Maher: Be More Cynical (2000)

Bill Maher: Be More Cynical is Bill Maher's fifth HBO special, filmed in the summer of 2000 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, months before the 2000 US presidential election.

Topics that he covered during his performance included religion, attack ads, candidates Al Gore, John McCain, and George W. Bush (about whom he states, "I don't like this little prick, I gotta be honest, drugs, gun control, and outgoing President Bill Clinton.

It was released on DVD on April 5, 2005 and has a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.

Breaking The Taboo - Film

Narrated by Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman, "Breaking the Taboo" is produced by Sam Branson's indie Sundog Pictures and Brazilian co-production partner Spray Filmes and was directed by Cosmo Feilding Mellen and Fernando Grostein Andrade. Featuring interviews with several current or former presidents from around the world, such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo over the United States led War on Drugs and expose what it calls the biggest failure of global policy in the last 40 years.

Fifty Impressions of Grey

Internet voiceman and jokesmith, Brock Baker, reads erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" using 50 different voices. Your childhood has probably been ruined. You're welcome.

Ike to Obama: 60 Years of Campaign Ads

A supercut of US Presidential election ads from the 1952 Eisenhower campaign to the 2012 Obama campaign. Find out what's changed and what's remained the same over the past 60 years.

By Hugh Atkin.

Springsteen Takes to Stage for Obama

Singer Bruce Springsteen is endorsing Barack Obama, taking to the stage at a rally in Ohio. The Boss followed the former boss of the United States, Bill Clinton. (Oct. 18)

Steve Love: Drunk Impressions

Sloppy cut-up of sloppy impressions from the archive.

Set List:

John Madden, Michael Irvin, Dr. Phil, Arnold Shwartzenegger, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Cartman, Snoop Dogg, David Attenborough, Vito Corleone (The Godfather), Peter & Lois Griffin, Mike Tyson, Hank & Bobby Hill, Gollum (LOTR)

The American Ruling Class: Nickel and Dimed

Barbara Ehrenreich is featured in this musical excerpt from The American Ruling Class, a "dramatic-documentary-musical" starring Harper's Magazine editor emeritus Lewis Lapham.

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Colbert: Newt Gingrich's Extramarital Affair

Newt Gingrich had the courage to lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky while having an affair of his own.
Free | Colbert Nation
Length: 03:19 Aired: 3/12/2007