When Harry Met Sally: Orgasm Remix

Matthijs Vlot remixed Meg Ryans famous faked orgasm scene at NYCs Katzs Delicatessen from When Harry Met Sally using clips from various films.

Billy Crystal Hour w/ SCTV Cast

This is a clip of The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour with SCTV cast members John Candy as Orson Welles, Rick Moranis as Woody Allen and Dave Thomas as Bob Hope.

Muhammad Ali Roast

Muhammad Ali gets Roasted by Dean Martin, Howard Cosell, Billy Crystal,Freddie Prinz and more celebs. Lots of Laughs,circa 1975

Jack Palance Winning the Oscar

For his performance in 1991 as Curly in City Slickers, Jack Palance finally gets his due and does one-arm burners on stage.

Hosted by Billy Crystal.

Presented by Whoopi Goldberg.