Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart

Maymo the lemon beagle dog takes his cute puppy sister Penny on an epic trip in a shopping cart. The cute dogs travel across various landscapes and terrains until they end up at their favorite summer vacation spot, the playground. After the long journey, the funny beagles take to playing on slides, swings, and a merry-go-round before sunset leads them back home.

Cute Puppy Race

This video was done in collaboration with Jared+Amanda Cook. They are great friends of ours and we work together often.

Teacup Puppy Pool Champion

Raisin is amazing, and obviously loves what he's doing. His tail never stops! I love how he follows a particular ball until he sinks it. (He put the 8-ball? in too early, very amateur...)

Pianista: Piano Playing, Howling Dog

Imagine, you are a singer and you accompany yourself on the piano.

You have a small dog who is your constant companion and watches as you rehearse. Got the picture? Now, imagine that you must be away for a few hours and leave the dog alone at home. Here is what happened while you were away.