I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head

Travel back to the Psychedelic '60s with the new music video from Walter and the Wizards off the album Litter Trippin', brought to you by Litter Genie? brand.

Nom Nom Nom Cat

Whether it contains catnip or something else, this Russian cat cant stop nom nomming on his bottle.

Q: Do Tigers Like Catnip??

Have you ever wondered if big cats like TIGERS, LIONS & LEOPARDS like catnip?

Tour guests always ask this question, so we thought we'd find out!

Felix the Cat in Felix Gets the Can, 1925: ReFrederator.

This week we present you with Otto Messmer's famous Cat, Felix. This episode is called, "Felix gets the Can" and came out in 1925 via M.J. Winkler's Cartoon studio. Time to break out the catnip, layback, and enjoy. Heating up the Classics again! Refrederator For more Vintage cartoon goodness, go to: http://www.channelfrederator.com felix cat otto messmer winkler cartoon studios vintage cartoons animation frederator refrederator fishing 1925 classic refried cats

Weighing Pork Chop: Episode 004

A cat named Pork Chop deals with the aftermath of a catnip overdose.... The fourth in a series.

Entire series here: http://www.youtube.com/OOprincegomolvilasOO

High on Catnip

I got my cats some treats today. They love these feather things, but they tear them up in about a week. and of course, catnip. I love my cats. I try to m...

Catnip Capers

Link to the QT clip of the 1940 Terrytoon towards the bottom of the page, just above the comments.

Another mouse-cat battle however this one is unique in that the mice get the better of the cat by use of the feline intoxicant.

Things quickly go surreal.

Fatboy Slim: The Joker

What better way to make a video clip then to dress up kittens, get them a little high on catnip and make them go to a FatBoySlim concert.

Music video for Fatboy Slim's song "The Joker".