Kids Interview Bands: Melvins

Connie and Olivia interviewed Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover of the Melvins at the A&R Bar in Columbus, Ohio on May 28, 2013.

Maurice Sendak On Being A Kid

"I still think the same way I thought as a child. I still worry. I'm still frightened... Nothing changes."

- Maurice Sendak

Interview by Andrew Romano and Ramin Seetodeh

2009. Sendak's home in Connecticut


Ttulo: Slo para nios

ANAR Foundation manages in Spain the european unique phone number 116 111, to attend children and teenagers under a risk situation. On this telephone number, only for minors, they can find the help they need in a totally anonymous and confidential way. But, how can we get our message to a child abuse victim, even when they are accompanied by their aggressor?

Knowing the average height for adults and children under 10,GREY has created two different messages. Using an outdoor lenticular we show adults an awareness message, while children see a message where we offer them our help and show them the telephone number. A message only for children.

Atticus & Green Machine

From beginning to end, see the magical day behind Atticus and Make-A-Wish with the Portland Timbers