Pennies from Heaven: Let's Misbehave with Chris Walken

Choreograph and Direct a great, memorable music number into your film. This astonishing sequence from Herbert Ross' Pennies from Heaven (1981) the last great Hollywood musical starring Steve Martin always leaves me gasping like Bernadette Peters. Any genre with a musical number can take your film into another realm. Of course just lip-sync if you have to...

Rafael Nathan: 30+ Impressions

World Famous impressionist from Ireland, Rafael Nathan, does over 30 impressions of celebrities about to fight in this home video requested by fans.

History Bites: Ivan the Terrible on Oprah

Ivan the Terrible, played like he is Christopher Walken, faces his guilt over the killing of his son on Oprah with the help of Healer Phil. History Bites can be seen on the Comedy Network in Canada.

Fifty Impressions of Grey

Internet voiceman and jokesmith, Brock Baker, reads erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" using 50 different voices. Your childhood has probably been ruined. You're welcome.

Chris Griesemer: Tons of Impressions and Voices

Me doing a variety of impressions and dialects.

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Impressions, Stewie Griffin, Family Guy, Herbert the Pervert, Christopher Walken, Sean Connery, Arnold schwarzenegger, Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Elmo, Old Jew, Movie Trailer Guy, Robin Leech, Fabulous Life of, Yoda, Chewbacca, Baseball Announcer, Don Pardo, Dialects, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, East Enders, Proper Brit, Accents, Liverpool, Indian, Australian, Scottish, Irish, Chicago, New York, Boston, Surfer Dude

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

An archive, curated for posterity, of a largely candid photographic record of the association or interaction of notable individuals, with a primary focus on persons known to possess or exhibit a remarkable degree of awesomeness.

Christmas Celebrity Voices by Jim Meski

Twas The Night Before Christmas in Celebrity Voices by Jim Meskimen

Celebrity impressionist Jim Meskimen's tribute to movie, film and political stars reciting Clement C. Moore's immortal "A Visit From St. Nicholas".

The Walken Dead

The Walken Dead... For every zombie who's ever wanted their brains served with a side of cowbell

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Writer/Director - Ryan Hunter

Director of Photography - Jacob Russell

Sound/Assistant Camera - Ethan Russell

Makeup - Ariana Rivera

Assistant Director - Brett Haley

Voiceover - Taige Jensen

Postproduction - Ryan Hunter

Special Thanks - Chris Silva


Cop - Taige Jensen

Walkens - Neal Bledsoe, Will Connell, Justin Morgan, Trevor Vaughn, Ted Schneider, Scott Skolnick, Matt Imparato, Daniel Kelleher, Jenna Payne, Ryan Hunter

Couple - Trevor Vaughn, Melodie Sisk

Survivors - Veronika Dominczyk, Ryan Hunter, Renaldy Smith, Jon Mantzke

Rebecca Black: "Friday" (Brock's Dub)

In my very first dub, I lampoon "Friday" by Rebecca Black while it's still relevant. I provided all the voices and sound effects. And yes, that's my Christopher Walken impression.