Of Pentameter & Bear Baiting - Romeo & Juliet Part I: Crash Course

John Green examines Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, delving into the world of Bill Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers and examines what the play is about, its structure, and the context in which it was written.

Have you ever wanted to know what iambic pentameter is? Then you should watch this video. Have you ever pondered what kind of people actually went to see a Shakespeare play in 1598? Watch this video. Were you aware that wherefore means "why?" Whether you were or not, watch this video.

In Shakespeare's time, entertainment choices ranged from taking in a play to watching a restrained bear try to fight off a pack of dogs. Today on YouTube, our entertainment choices are just as wide-ranging. So you can either choose to watch the modern equivalent of bear baiting (another cinnamon challenge) or you can be edified and entertained by John and Crash Course. So wherefore are you reading this description instead of watching the video?

SciShow: The Science of the Cinnamon Challenge

Hank explains the science behind the "cinnamon challenge," and reveals why it is nearly impossible to complete.

Do not attempt the cinnamon challenge! Instead, why not just watch some videos of the thousands of YouTubers failing at it! That's what we at SciShow call doing it "the Smart Way."

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Watch John try the cinnamon challenge on Crash Course World History: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQPA5oNpfM4





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Liam Kyle Sullivan: Kelly Goes to Drivers Ed

Tracy teaches Kelly how to drive.

Check out Tracy's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgP3_VvxkFY


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Produced by: Neely Shamam

Production Coordinator: James Demuth

Production Assistant: Nick Martin

Shot by/Camera A: Jon Na

Gaffer/Camera B: Arthur Hong

Sound: Sheena Moriarty

Edited by: Matt Jones

Liam Kyle Sullivan is an American comedian, actor, editor and director. Sullivan has made several guest appearances on television programs€”including Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules, and Alias€”but is best known for his internet videos. His most famous is "Shoes"http://youtu.be/wCF3ywukQYAwhich won a People's Choice Award for best user generated video.
Kelly, a cross-dressed Liam, has released an album entitled Shoes digitally through TuneCore, which consists of tracks recorded by herself, her ex-boyfriend, and her mom. Her music videos have featured guest stars such as Margaret Cho, Amanda Palmer, Dave Navarro, Lisa Nova, and Ask a Ninja.
Kelly on iTunes:
Another of Liam's characters, Susan Walker, who is Kelly's aunt, has also released an album of music, Susan Walker's Greatest Tits. The album largely consists of country music songs with explicit sexual themes, such as "Two Way Dildo" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me". The songs, however, are sung in a light-hearted, almost loving manner. Two videos have been made of songs from the album; these are "I Like to Tinker" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me".
Aunt Susan on iTunes:
The videos listed below, "Dr. Ulee Sex Therapist", "Muffins", and "Love Letters", are some classic skits by Liam.
Dr. Ulee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5UsPdcRPLM
Love Letters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kGvtne2zfo
Muffins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tcR19y7GPM
His latest videos:
Tim Gunn in Project Preschool http://youtu.be/ys0e052-PlM
Baby Names http://youtu.be/-5DoDSijMz0
Dirty Scrabble http://youtu.be/bCkc5rcSOwo

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