Inspired by Waves: Can Nguyen & David Elsewhere

This video is a collaboration between Can Nguyen and David Elsewhere. They decided to make a freestyle waving video for their friend Wave-O-Matic who recently passed. The music is inspired by Wave-O-Matic. Enjoy!

Musik: Glide by Candy Musik (

Dancing Queen!

The Dancing Queen!

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Pennies from Heaven: Let's Misbehave with Chris Walken

Choreograph and Direct a great, memorable music number into your film. This astonishing sequence from Herbert Ross' Pennies from Heaven (1981) the last great Hollywood musical starring Steve Martin always leaves me gasping like Bernadette Peters. Any genre with a musical number can take your film into another realm. Of course just lip-sync if you have to...

We Can Dance

Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute.

A mashup tribute of 77 memorable and not so memorable Hollywood movie dance scenes set to the safety dance remix.