David Letterman: "Are Those Your Drums?"

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A collection of clips of David Letterman asking drummers if their drums are rented. Also some guitars and French horns for good measure.

Cabin Boy

Adam Resnick's coming-of-age epic Cabin Boy, starring hero to all slackers Chris Elliot, Brian Doyle-Murray, Ricki Lake (in some fairly wooden acting), with an unforgettable cameo by David Letterman. AHOY!

Vintage Letterman: Supermarket Finds

Jogging in a Jug, Twinkies Lights, Addams Family Cereal, Nelson Bubble Gum, NFL Pro-Scent Air Freshener, Dr. Clown Medicine Dropper, Hair Epoxy, New York Mix, One Whole Chicken, Mr. Paul Hair Net, Happy Boy Margarine, Glad Handle Tie Trash Bags.


David Letterman: Fracking

David Letterman gives us his take in fracking. Posted by Grant MacLaren.

Perhaps you've notice the similarities between Tobacco advertising and that of the Natural Gas Industry.

Years ago the tobacco industry vehemently denied any connection between smoking and health issues.

Tobacco advertising in the 1950's would often include doctors and other medical professionals in their ads as a method of allaying public concerns. After all if you doctor smoked, what's the harm?

The Natural Gas industry hasn't gone as far as including doctors or even actors dressed up as doctors in their advertising, nonetheless, the advertising and talking points do include words like "Safe", "Natural", "Clean". These words are selected to make the public feel more comfortable.

And it's working on those who just understand the damage fracking is doing to our water supply. (One of my God-given rights is to be able to drink the water He provides.)

Norm Macdonald with Guest Super Dave: Norm Macdonald Live: Vpn

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Bob Dylan: David Letterman (1984)

As far as I know, this is the only time a musical guest ever played three songs on Letterman's show. For his appearance, Dylan requested not to be interviewed, which is why he begins with Sonny Boy Williamson's "Don't Start Me Talking." The second and third songs are "License To Kill" and "Jokerman" from his album "Infidels." Backing him were JJ Holiday (aka Justin Jesting) on guitar, and two members of the LA punk band, The Plugz (Tony Marisco on bass and Charlie Quintana on drums).

1. "Don't Start Me Talking" (00:00)

2. "License To Kill" (02:53)

3. "Jokerman" (07:49)