Dick Cavett: John Lennon Introduces Imagine, 1971

John Lennon and Yoko Ono two visit The Dick Cavett Show September 11, 1971.

The show is notable as the first American television interview John gave after the breakup of The Beatles. So comfortable were the Lennons that after the show was over they continued talking with Cavett.

John Lennon premieres the Imagine video.

RT ~60 minutes.

Are We in a Golden Age of Niche News? John Fugelsang and Dick Cavett on the Allure of Fox News

Legendary talk show host Dick Cavett joins John Fugelsang on "Viewpoint" to consider a recent Public Policy poll that found "Democrats trust everything except Fox, and Republicans don't trust anything other than Fox."
"They have, I think, one two many blondes whose hair looks breakable," Cavett says of Fox News.
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Groucho Marx: Father's Day Songs

As a guest of Dick Cavett, here are a pair of Groucho Marx classics for you to rehearse and perform for your pater familias tomorrow: "Everybody Works But Father" and Father's Day.