Explosions in Slow Motion

13 crazy experiments-explosions you shouldn't do at home.
Starting with the propane-C3H8 filled balloon explosions. Slow motion reveals that initially there is blue flame which takes quickly yellow color. Secondly, acetylene-C2H2 (prepared by adding calcium carbide to water) flame is black due to unburned carbon particles. Nitrocellulose-C6H7O2(ONO2)3 burning is fast, but small pieces can be safely ignited on palm due to low density of nitrated cotton.
Trimethylborate-B(OCH3)3 exploded with green flame.
Rubidium-Rb and potassium-K reacted explosively with water.
Then came methanol-CH3OH cannon.
Aluminium-Al and lead tetroxide-Pb3O4 or simply aluminothermic mixture was ignited with a chemical time fuse.
Bomb group was neutralizing solvents that may have had some unstable peroxides formed. They used plastic explosive (contains hexogen-C3H6N6O6, also known as RDX) and a detonating cord. The second explosion was picric acid-C6H3N3O7 and some plastic explosive.
The last was a mixture of potassium permanganate-KMnO4 and aluminium-Al.

These are some snapshots from "100+ experiments in chemistry" collection and explained videos are available at http://www.chemicum.com/chemistry-videos .

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Norwegian military blows up a frigate

Norwegian defense contractor, Kongsberg, has a new ship-killing missile that can deliver a 275-pound high explosive warhead from more than 100 miles away.

Launching Fireworks from a car

This car was noticed in the Russian city of Murmansk, its passengers were having fun by lauching fireworks right from the windows of the car.

Best Of Web 3 (HD)

Awesome compilation of over 250 different viral videos in just over 5 minutes.

Music: Wolfgang Gartner - Love & War

Killzone Intercept

Killzone Intercept occurs during the events of Killzone 3 as the ISA evacuate Helghan. A small scout squad is called upon to stall a large group of approaching Helghasts that plan to cut off the ISA convoy from reaching the extraction point. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive.

Director's note:

"This is another film project that was 2yrs in the making and only possible with unbelievable amounts of work and support from friends and family. It amazes me what can happen when a group of talented people are passionate about a project. On previous projects, we have never had any form of support from the actual game creators. Luckily, Guerrilla Games was kind enough to give feedback and recognition for a fan film project fueled by our love for the games. Other developers should take notes. Now, enjoy the film!"


Director: Brian Curtin
Writer's: Brian Curtin and Taylor Robinson
Executive Producer: Taylor Robinson
Producer: Lisa Harris
Director of Photography: Jason Wallis
Casting: Hannah Francis
Produced by: Six Foot Five Productions

William: Russ Hobbie
ISA Heavy: Gerhard Mathangani
ISA Sniper: Michael Walters
ISA Rifleman: Don Cano
Mother: Shannon Hoppe
Helghast Commander: Kevin Wayne
Young William: Finn Steward
Tortured ISA Soldier: Cris Morriss
Helghast Soldiers: Ryan Whaley, Logan Huggins, Ben Moon, Kenny Glover
Helghast Sniper/Capture Trooper: Walt Thomas

First A.C.: Bill Schweikert
Audio: Eric Chapman
Gaffer: Seth Newell and Jerry Kelly
Key Grip: Sean Kirby
Grip: Ned Boggan
Costume/Props: Gary Barth and Martin McDonald
Make-up: Kathryn Petras
PA/Craft Service: Jonathan Hoffman and Jackson Leach
Art Dept: Matt Hall, Mat Powell, Walt Thomas
Audio Mastering: Eric Chapman
Editor/Visual Effects: Brian Curtin
3D/Special Effects: Goran Zovkic and Michael Eves
Visual Artist: Daniel Enrique De Leon
Capture Trooper Suit Artist: Anthony Kitchens
Special Thanks to: Sloss, Wade Sand and Gravel, Kel Roberts, Ford and Karla Wiles, Guerrilla Games

Huge Thanks to Joy Gravel for keeping me alive during this project.


Big cat behaves badly.


Script/Technical Direction
Michal 'bonzaj' Staniszewski

Lead Programmer
Michal 'misz' Szymczyk

Effects Programmers
Andrzej 'uho' Uszakow
Marek 'mare' Bielawski

Bent 'subsquare' Stamnes

ALLPlayer Group:

Artur Majtczak

ALLCinema Producer
Maciek Matuszewski
Marek Cie?la
Monika Majtczak

Platige Image:

Bart?omiej Kik
Jakub Jab?o?ski

Jakub Jab?o?ski

Marcin Kobylecki
Marta Staniszewska

CG Supervisor:
Micha? Gryn

Kik Bart?omiej

Concept Arist:
Jakub Jab?o?ski

Modeler and Texture Artists:
Jakub Bogacki
Micha? Gryn
Artur Ow?nicki
Pawe? Szczeszek
Piotr Tatar
Bart?omiej Walendziak
Marcin Wi?ch
Tomasz Wrbel
Tomasz Zaborek

Kamil Hepner
Micha? Krupa
Mateusz Pop?awski

Character Animators:
Sebastian Kalemba
Maciej Wojtkiewicz

GI Joe Vs. Ski Fun Ken Doll

GI Joe accepts a kamakazi downhill challenge from Ken Doll for pink slips. Originally created for a snowboard film, it was shelved for fear of copyright issues. Oscar Goldman, Mr T, Luke Skywalker, Horshak, Vinny and others from Welcome Back Kotter, Evil Knevil an even Ponch from Chips all have doll apperances in this classic tale of too much alcohol paired with too little testosterone.

Dynamics of Unconfined Spherical Flames

Using the soap bubble technique, we visualize the dynamics of unconfined hydrogen-air flames using high speed schlieren video. We show that for sufficiently weak mixtures, i.e., low flame speeds, buoyancy effects become important.

For more information: http://detonationlab.blogspot.ca/2012/11/influence-of-buoyancy-in-unconfined.html