Kitten Fight Club

The complete first eight episodes of this long-running TV cat drama.

Title music: Kevin Macleod.

4-Week-Old Kittens Going on a Car Ride

Tiger & Jumbo's exotic shorthair kittens were 4 weeks old when they learned to climb out of their nest box. Mama Tiger was initially very anxious whenever her furbabies escaped the nest, loudly voicing her concerns as you can hear in this video. Tiger eventually got used to her babies leaving the nest, becoming more playful with them with her gentle paw taps. Here, the kittens are enjoying a soft, comfortable car ride, posing for the camera while playing to their hearts' content.

Three Piglet Kittens

Approaching 3 & 1/2 weeks, Tiger's litter of kittens are starting to explore the world outside of their nest with their waddling gait.

Simon's Cat: Flower Bed: Simon's Cat

"Fun in the garden."

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Baby Pancake and Watermelon

Looking through old video clips, we saw one of Pancake that was too precious not to share. Baby Pancake starts off confused and concerned about why he was placed high up on the dining table, crying in a broken tone until he noticed the watermelon treat that was meant for him.

Kitty vs Lizards

Un chaton fait son brave en affrontant les vilains l?zards...finalement, pas si brave que ?a. ;-)