Graham Norton: Mean Mark Wahlberg

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Meghan attempts to tell her story in the red chair despite being flipped numerous times by Mark Wahlberg.

Alan Davies: Overinflated lilo

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Alan Davies remembers being a child when his father overinflated a lilo and it exploded.

Norton, Gervais, Depp

Graham Norton, Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais... :)

The Graham Norton Show: 03/11/2011. London.

Graham Norton Show, Funny Exam Answers

Chris Rock and Joshua Jackson on my favorite TV show 'The Graham Norton Show' (BBC). Chris Rock talks about his former aspirations to become the President of the United States and Graham Norton shows them a great website

Sigourney Weaver's Sexy Knickers

Graham looks at a Danish forum for people searching for the sexy knickers Sigourney wore in the 'Alien' film.

From "The Graham Norton Show" - BBC One (Aired 11 Feb 2011)

Will Smith Does 'The Fresh Prince' Rap Among the guests on Graham's sofa are Hollywood star Will Smith, who stars in new film Men in Black III; Take That's Gary Barlow, who is discussing the Jubilee Celebration Concert; and music legend Sir Tom Jones.

Liam Neeson: Please Leave a Message

Liam Neeson comes face-to-face with his very first fan... and fulfills her one request: To record her voicemail greeting. You won't want to miss hearing his inimitable recording... inspired by his hit action film "Taken"!