Let's Get Lost: The Chet Baker Documentary

This documentary about jazz trumpeter-singer Chet Baker intercuts footage from the 1950s, when he was part of West Coast Cool, and from his last years. We see the young Baker, he of the beautiful face, in California and in Italy, where he appeared in at least one movie and at least one jail cell (for drug possession). And, we see the aged Baker, detached, indifferent, his face a ruin. Includes interviews with his children and ex-wife, women companions, and musicians.

Bula Quo Guitar Legends game

Guitar Hero style game that you play with your keyboard - plus a chance to win tickets to the Bula Quo premiere or a trip to Fiji

David Letterman: "Are Those Your Drums?"

Read Full Blog on Dave's obsession with drums:

A collection of clips of David Letterman asking drummers if their drums are rented. Also some guitars and French horns for good measure.

Today in History for June 9TH

Highlights of this day in history: Sen. Joseph McCarthy confronted over his anti-communist tactics; Author Charles Dickens dies; Comedian Richard Pryor suffers burns; Secretariat wins Triple Crown; Electric guitar pioneer Les Paul born. (June 9)

Rare Bob Dylan Song circa 1966

This song is posted elsewhere as Spuriously Seventeen Windows but it needed its lower frequencies cut out to get rid of the booming noise of the acoustic guitar. It says under that posting that it was recorded in a hotel room by the Dylan biographer Robert Shelton in 1966 and certainly does fit the sound of that period. The lingering fifth chord and references to a painting make it seem almost like a predecessor of Visions Of Johanna, one of Bob's most celebrated songs. He must have worked on it very hard, reworking it over and over. Even as a draft, this song exudes charm, as much as the more finished She's Your Lover Now does, the predecessor of One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later). It reveals once more Dylan's facility for taking the essence of folk songwriting, powerful words set to a twist on an old folk tune archetype, and successfully mixing it with the dense metaphoric poetry of the French Symbolist and Surrealist poets of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries respectively. The existential young man's angst doesn't destroy the classical time tested formula of the fundamental songwriting elements either. Genius or what? The answer my friend was blowing in the wind and still is, for others to grab hold of while they can...

The Rain Song: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

The Rain Song from No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded with the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Vocals: Robert Plant

Guitar: Jimmy Page

Bass: Charlie Jones

Drums: Michael Lee