Hercules Trailer, 1983

The classic tale of the Greek superman is updated (for 1983 anyway) with a boatload of cheesy special effects, stop-motion animation, and Lou Ferrigno's pulsating muscles. Instead of twelve labors, this particular Hercules must travel hither and yon at the whim of the gods, mostly in pursuit of the fair Cassiopeia. In trying to avoid death from both mortal and divine hands, Hercules fights all manner of foes (including mechanical monsters), visits Atlantis AND Hell, and rides an interstellar chariot powered by a rock.

Hercules: The Wrong Path

The first episode of the popular TV series that ran for six seasons starting in 1995 and ending in 1999. It stars Kevin Sorbo as Hercules, and also his sidekick Iolaus, who is played by Michael Hurst. There's also the lovely Elizabeth Hawthorne (Elcmene) and the less lovely Nicky Mealings, whose "scaled behind" makes for unpleasant encounters. All good fun.

Incredible Hercules Gets It on with Help from Fred Van Lente

In this special episode of The Stack Pete talks with Fred Van Lente. First Fred talks about giving Hercules his mojo back. Next we get a look an inside look at Marvel Zombies. Then Fred talks about Wolverine First class and Skrulls Vs. Power Pack. Don't miss it! entertainment wolverine incredible hercules skrulls gods marvel zombies comic books

Arnold Fights Bear

"Take caution with animal, known to be surly and dangerous." Watch a would-be governer fight a man in a grizzley suit.

From Hercules in New York.