Van Gogh Shadow

Luca Agnani // Digital lighting, 3d & Visual Mapping

Real Painting

1. Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries
2. Langlois Bridge at Arles, The
3. Farmhouse in Provence
4. White House at Night, The
5. Still Life
6. Evening The Watch (after Millet)
7. View of Saintes-Maries
8. Bedroom
9. Factories at Asnieres Seen
10. White House at Night, The
11. Restaurant
12. First Steps (after Millet)
13. Self-Portrait

Music: Experience - Ludovico Einaudi


Linked stainless steel shapes spinning around a circular axis. Spins in 1/2 knot winds but is stable in much stronger. Light clinking sound of links touching. All stainless replaceable bearings. 17 feet high by 8 feet wide.

Prodigy Hyper-Polyglot Teen Speaks 20 Languages

Prodigy hyper-polyglot Tim Doner has been teaching himself languages since he was 13. He now speaks nearly 20 languages! Join Tim on a cultural tour of New York unlike any you've ever heard!

Yota Devices / Scenarios

Scenarios is an audiovisual installation created by Onionlab for Yota Devices. Bordering on abstraction, Scenarios shows some of the utilities of Yota Devices new phone, characterised by its dual screen. The rear screen, made of liquid crystal, can store important information such as a boarding card or map almost permanently.

This piece was presented at Barcelonas 2013 Mobile World Congress at the exhibition stand designed by External Reference.

Dave Cole: The Music Box

A 22,000 lb vibratory compactor, turned into a 2000 lb music box, capable of being moved through a single door, and installed in a second floor gallery--and of playing The Star Spangled Banner.

Chicago's World Fair, 1892-1895

This video concerning the topic of the 1893 Chicago's World Fair, 1892-1895, comes from the "Illinois in the Gilded Age, 1866-1896" website, which is a creation of Northern Illinois University Libraries' Digital Initiatives Unit: The "Illinois in the Gilded Age" ( site brings together primary source materials from a number of libraries, museums and archives, including the Newberry Library, the Chicago Historical Society and the Illinois State Library. While the site uses Illinois as its focal point, it also examines larger themes in the history of the United States during the Gilded Age, and can support the study of the period with rich materials details events of national significance.

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The Importance of Doing Useless Things

From poetry and ballet to mathematics and being clever, life is laden with frivolous pursuits that hold no bearing on our ability to survive. However, Dawkins explains that the ability to perform such actions comes as a byproduct of the evolution of the human brain, perhaps because being clever is sexy.

The Making of The Red Book

When Carl Jung embarked on an extended self-exploration he called his confrontation with the unconscious, the heart of it was The Red Book, a large, illuminated volume he created between 1914 and 1930. Here he developed his principle theoriesof the archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the process of individuationthat transformed psychotherapy from a practice concerned with treatment of the sick into a means for higher development of the personality.

While Jung considered The Red Book to be his most important work, only a handful of people have ever seen it. Now, in a complete facsimile and translation, it is available to scholars and the general public. It is an astonishing example of calligraphy and art on a par with The Book of Kells and the illuminated manuscripts of William Blake. This publication of The Red Book is a watershed that will cast new light on the making of modern psychology.

Slavery - Crash Course US History #13

In which John Green teaches you about America's "peculiar institution," slavery. I wouldn't really call it peculiar. I'd lean more toward horrifying and depressing institution, but nobody asked me. John will talk about what life was like for a slave in the 19th century United States, and how slaves resisted oppression, to the degree that was possible. We'll hear about cotton plantations, violent punishment of slaves, day to day slave life, and slave rebellions. Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, and Whipped Peter all make an appearance. Slavery as an institution is arguably the darkest part of America's history, and we're still dealing with its aftermath 150 years after it ended.

'Northern Exposure' - Northern Lights

This is one of my favorite parts of the best TV series, ever made, called 'Northern Exposure

Chris' speech about Light:

'Goethe's final words: "More Light." Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that's been our unifying cry, "More Light." SunLight. TorchLight. CandleLight. Neon, incandescent Lights that banish the darkness from our caves to illuminate our road, the insides of our refrigerators. Big floods for the night games at Soldier's Field. Little tiny flashLights for those books we read under the covers when we're supposed to be asleep. Light is more than watts and footcandles. Light is metaphor... /Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider/ ...Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet... /Amy Grant/ ...Rage rage against the dying of the Light... /Dylan Thomas/ ...Lead, kindly light, amid the circling gloom, Lead thou me on; The night is dark, and I am far from home; Lead thou me on. /John Henry Newman/ Arise, shine, for thy light has come. ...Light is knowledge, Light is life, Light is Light." /Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider/ Song: Ebudae (from Enya)

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