Bitchin Kitchen: Nadia G's Brooklyn Hipster Brunch

Nadia G riffs on Brunch and Hipsters. Take a guess which she takes a bigger bite out of?

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Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen: Hipster Brunch
Wednesday, April 24th @ 10PM EST on COOKING CHANNEL

The Onion: New Ad Targets Hipsters, Suggests Visiting Applebee's Ironically

On Today Now!, a consumer expert shows Jim a new Applebee's commercial that urges young people to come and mock their restaurants. (Aired 11/11/11)

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Hipster Vision

RetroFuture is a fictional company and this movie is a commercial/ident campaign for it's latest product HipsterVision. The rest is self-explanatory.

The Shoes: Time To Dance ft Jake Gyllenhaal

Combine the best band in France right now, acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe, production by Somesuch & Co, and one of the hottest young actors on the planet and you're sure to get a banging filmclip.

We scored the world premiere of The Shoes newest video which features Jake Gyllenhaal as a disturbed killing machine who chases his victims up fire escapes, into back alleys, and through strip clubs before he violently slays them.

A serial killer played by Jake Gyllenhaal travels through the hippest parties on a killing spree of Dalston hipsters. Amidst a world of unflinching ignorant hipsters, Jake navigates his way through East London house parties, basement clubs, dark stairwells and neon-lit high streets in a series of bleak and bloody attacks.

He masters the role of unsuspecting dark-eyed psycho as he pumps iron and gums drugs preparing for his next beautifully fashionable victim. His performance between edgy London heartthrob and unstable predator produces an ever more suspenseful piece of blood curdling film.

The Shoes provide a track, which transforms the displaced anxiety of horror into pop viewing pleasure!

Liam Kyle Sullivan: Kelly Answers Your Questions 3

Since Heather is enjoying her new motherhood, Kelly has decided to take over her vlog and try to answer your questions! What the hell?!?
Shot by Tyler Carey
sound by Mayra Rodriguez
produced by Neely Shamam & Ricky Mammone
special appearance by Ricky Mammone


Liam Kyle Sullivan is an American comedian, actor, editor and director. Sullivan has made several guest appearances on television programs€”including Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules, and Alias€”but is best known for his internet videos. His most famous is "Shoes" which won a People's Choice Award for best user generated video.
Kelly, a cross-dressed Liam, has released an album entitled Shoes digitally through TuneCore, which consists of tracks recorded by herself, her ex-boyfriend, and her mom. Her music videos have featured guest stars such as Margaret Cho, Amanda Palmer, Dave Navarro, Lisa Nova, and Ask a Ninja.
Kelly on iTunes:
Another of Liam's characters, Susan Walker, who is Kelly's aunt, has also released an album of music, Susan Walker's Greatest Tits. The album largely consists of country music songs with explicit sexual themes, such as "Two Way Dildo" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me". The songs, however, are sung in a light-hearted, almost loving manner. Two videos have been made of songs from the album; these are "I Like to Tinker" and "Shut Up and Fuck Me".
Aunt Susan on iTunes:
The videos listed below, "Dr. Ulee Sex Therapist", "Muffins", and "Love Letters", are some classic skits by Liam.
Dr. Ulee
Love Letters
His latest videos:
Tim Gunn in Project Preschool
Baby Names
Dirty Scrabble



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Click here to watch ARCADE FIRE HIPSTER ATTACK (

Learn how to say Bon Iver correctly, or you will suffer the consequences.

Starring Ted Evans, Dan Hale, and Michael Lippert. Shot by Cameron Yergler (Sound by Derek Cox ( Muchas Gracias to our hipster extras:Eric Houtz, Adora Wilson-Eye, and Zach Livingston (also fight choreographer). THANKS EVERYONE FOR WATCHING!!!

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Future Hipsters

In the year 2062, a bunch of elderly hipsters are interviewed about the good old days of social media.

Created for Social Media Week 2012, this video captures interviews with octogenarian hipsters as they take a look back on what social media and digital culture were back in the day.

Agency: Entrinsic

Production Company: Sons and Daughters

Director: David Quinn

Post-production: Posterboy

Editor: Danica Pardo

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Look at Life: Coffee Bar, 1959

U.K. newsreel. It's a look at the SOHO bohemian coffee bars of London. Many famous coffee bars are shown on the inside and out.

Very cool scene in the 2Is with a rock & roll band playing wildly and the crowd jiving away! A square invades a hipster coffee bar and all the cats give him the evil eye.

"The French" is the most bohemian coffee house of the lotwith beatniks discussing planetary movements. Some of the coffee bars shown include: The 2Is, the French, the Macabre, Le Grande, Stockpot, Sam Widges, Melbray, Universal, La Roca, Freight Train, El Toro, Picasso, Las Vegas, Moka Bar, and more.

Awesome Senegalese Bike Tricks!

Probably the coolest bike tricks I've ever seen. Jumping on and off walls and stuff with BMXs is cool too, but those hipsters ain't got shit on this guy. No, seriously, they don't.

Original video shot by in Abene, Senegal, outside cafe "BM Chez Kiki." I graded the colors cause it looked kinda flat, stitched the original two parts together and reuploaded it.

Paul Curreri - "The Big Shitty"

"What do you call a hippie's wife? Mississippi. Where do hipster houseflies socialize? The Big Shitty." Solo acoustic version of the title track from his eighth record, The Big Shitty, on Tin Angel Records.

His first solo-outing in the UK in several years, this was recorded in Coventry, England, on November, 2011. He and his wife, songwriter Devon Sproule, have recently relocated from Virginia to Berlin.

The Gentlemen's Rant: Hipsters

a gentlemen's take on hipsters. follow:

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John Elerick

Roger Roth

Will Stephens

Travon Free

Know Your Meme: Hipster Memes

The internet researchers at Know Your Meme explore the phenomena of Hipster Memes!

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