Russell Brand on Drugs, Savile and Yoga

Russell Brand - the face of a new drive to help addicts abstain - tells Channel 4 News he still needs support in the wake of his drug abuse and that yoga should be compulsory for politicians.

Real News: 'The Americans Have Been Dishonest Negotiators' Says Afghan Militants' Representative

The Political Chief of Hizb-e-Islami, one of the three main factions fighting Nato in Afghanistan, tells the Real News that his group has withdrawn from peace talks. But Dr Ghairat Baheer also warns that Afghan stakeholders must reach consensus before the US withdraws to avoid another civil war, and says the Taliban have softened their approach.

Ghairat Baheer is a citizen of Afghanistan who was held by American forces in extrajudicial detention for over six years. The BBC News reported Pakistani officials took him into custody during a pre-dawn raid on his home in Islamabad on October 30, 2002. The BBC said no reason was offered for his apprehension, and that there were rumors US security officials participated in the raid.

After his release in May 2008 Baheer asserted he had spent six months in the salt pit, one of the Central Intelligence Agency's network of clandestine interrogation centers. He spent the rest of his detention in the Bagram Theater Internment Facility in Afghanistan.

According to the Associated Press Baheer is a medical doctor, a son-in-law of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Hezbi Islami Gulbuddin militant group, and that he was captured with Gul Rahman, the only captive the CIA has acknowledged died in captivity. In 2010 Baheer was a member of the Hezbi Islami Gulbuddin peace delegation to peace talks.

In an interview with the German news agency DPA Bahir said he spent most of his six years in captivity in chains, bombarded with disorienting music so loud his guards wore hearing protection. He said they were fed an inadequate quantity of food, and he lost 40 kilograms, and he still hadn't fully recovered his strength.

In 2012 he served as the HiG's main negotiator with the United States..

From The Real News.

Tom Waits Interview

A Tom Waits (Heath Ledger's inspiration for his portrayal of the Joker) interview from 1979. It's uncanny how similar they are.

Totally Biased: Jim Norton and Lindy West

Kamau sits down in an extended interview with comedian Jim Norton and "Jezebel" blogger Lindy West to debate misogyny in comedy and whether any topic can be considered off-limits for artists. Don't expect either side to give inthe show's called "Totally Biased" for a reason.

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Totally Biased: Aisha Tyler Interview

If you are watching television, there's a 46% chance the show features this week's guest: the incomparable Aisha Tyler. Lana Kane herself stops by "Totally Biased" to discuss her new book "Self Inflicted Wounds" and her many jobs. New favorite guest? Yuuup.

Totally Biased: Wyatt Cenac Interview

Wyatt Cenac stops by to chat about the intersection of comedy and news, ?uestlove, and pretending to be friends with Jay-Zall topics Kamau knows well. Except for pretending to be friends with Jay-Z, that is. Hov and Kamau go way back.*

*Not really.

Sofia Vergara on George Lopez

Had to dye her hair to get 'latin" roles! lol

Too bad Lopez was canceled. His humor was biting and funny, and he had the most gorgeous women on his show. Futher, his studio layout was fantastic. Few shows have the host without a desk, and no furniture blocking the view of the guest, and a camera angle (one is floor level) that show the entire beauty of guests like Sofia. In most talk shows you wouldn't even see her below the knee, except, maybe (not always) a brief glimse when they first walk in the studio. And love the black contrast also.

Sex for Sale: American Escort

Type the words "the girlfriend experience" into your favorite search engine. Within seconds, you'll find ads promising companionship by the hour. Much of the sex industry has moved online. Today, an entire workforce of women is just an internet connection and a phone call away. National Geographic's Mariana van Zeller journeys to the heart of the American escort industry and uncovers the gritty reality behind the supply and demand of high end sex work.

Mariana heads to Las Vegas, ground zero for the escort underworld. Here, high-end escorts like Sarah explain how they cultivate their illegal business online. As an independent escort, Sarah calls the shots and commands big money from clients. Yet for many women, a much different reality awaits.

Las Vegas Vice Detective Chris Baughman is on his way to investigate another pimp. He says that the image of glamour and luxury that high-end escorts project is a part of the problem. For the majority of men, "what they're getting isn't some knockout that lives in a penthouse, that saves all her money and has the little toy poodle. It's the same girl that's getting beat. That's being threatened." His mission: to dismantle the Las Vegas sex industry -- one pimp at a time.

Not far from the bright lights and bustle of the Las Vegas strip, Mariana sits hidden in a van in a parking lot beneath a highway overpass. She is investigating an office building that houses call centers for dozens of escort agencies. These agencies send girls to hotel rooms for private lap dances, and as long as they don't advertise prostitution, they're protected by free speech laws. We can't get the agencies to talk to us, so we go undercover to learn what's really going on behind closed doors.

Audrey Hepburn Interview

Audrey is interviewed after the 1963 production kickoff dinner of "My Fair Lady" In-your-face-reporter meets lady of style.